Your Own Online Shop

Selling your home made products or handmade hobby craft items and freelance business services is easy on iHubbub.

Our new free online iStore not only gives home business entrepreneurs the chance to sell their goods or freelancing business services online with no listing fees or monthly subscriptions, but you also can create your very own online shop front with all your goodies on show to our members and vistors.

Suppose you could say it is similar to a mini eBay but for home businesses and freelancers!

You may want to check out our online shop comparison to see what other online shops charge - mostly because it is free to list your items on iHubbub, but also because it gives you ideas on the different ways you can sell your products or services across the internet.

Sell Freelance Services or Sell Home Business Products


Your Own Online Shop

iHubbub gives you an online store within our iStore where you can any number of things. And you don't have to pay a penny to get started.

We do all the work for you. All you do is post your items.

1. When you post one item, you get a free online shop'.
2. All your shop items are shown in one 'shop-front.
3. Buyers are able to make contact with you via a contact link.
4. Members can also contact you directly via Private Messaging.
5. If you become a Gold Member, you get to have your selling items featured across the iStore and in our email marketing campaigns - to boost your sales!
6. Your contact link and profile link will be visible on all your items for sale and in your own personal shop front.
7. Remember to also make sure you have a complete profile because lots of potential buyers may suss you out first by poking around your profile. A complete profile will give them the feeling of trust and they can see who you are and what you do.

Read our iStore Guidelines to ensure you start getting sales quickly!

As a Home Business Owner You Could:

  • Sell homemade cakes, whether it be special occasions or simply cup cakes
  • Sell cushions and home furnishings 
  • Sell hobby crafts or specialist crafts you make
  • Sell handmade fashion products such as jewellery, shoes, clothing, babywear
  • Sell beauty items or health and fitness products
  • Sell your paintings either on canvas or mounted into frames
  • Sell photographs you have taken and skillfully put into frames

         Sell Your Products Now                 

As A Freelancer You Could:

  • Sell freelancing services - charge by the hour, week or month
  • Sell accounting or financial services
  • Sell your secretarial, PA or admin services
  • Sell graphic design or web development
  • Sell interior designer services by the project or by hour
  • Sell exterior landscaping - again by the hour or on a project basis
  • Sell your time as a photographer - by the hour or on a fixed project basis
  • Sell writing services, copywriting, web content, blogging and ghost writing
  • Or sell a special offer such as PR or Marketing or Social Media Marketing on a given project timesecale  

         Sell Your Service Now

Heck, you could even sell time on your holiday home if that's what earns you a home based income!

Wanna start selling?

If you want to sell your business products or services through iHubbub, check out how easily our online shop works!