Your Home Office

Do you work in a weird and wonderful place? Under the stairs, on a houseboat, in a beach hut? Tell us and we'll help you get some PR for your unique home business.

Your Home Office

Where do you work? Please feel free to tell us more about your place of work or home office. This can be at home, on the move or in the most bizarre place.

Would you like to be involved in PR if you have an unique place of work?

We can help get your business noticed if you have an unique product or service or if you work in an interesting environment.

Find out how we got Becci from Girls Travel Club and Karen from Oxbow Media onto TV.

Becci won The BT Home Business AwarBecci from Girls Travel Club won BT Home Business Awardd in The Remote Worker Awards, and Karen was a finalist in the Remote Worker Category.

We got them both onto ITV all across the South of England, not once, not twice, but several times.

Check this out!

Becci Coombes-Burr, runs Girls Travel Club from her home in Wisborough Green, near Billingshurst from Billingshurst, West Sussex.

She won The BT Home Business Award in a prestigious ceremony to celebrate The Remote Worker Awards, in association with BT Business, at The Grand Connaught Rooms in London. is an online boutique specialising in travel accessories and gifts for women.

Girls Travel Club began as a small internet business run out of an old Anderson bomb shelter in the garden of company founder, Becci Coombes-Burr.

Their ethos is to sell what women need for travelling, with an emphasis on stylish design, practicality and ethical credentials.

It now has excellent web and press presence, Becci from Girls Travel Club won BT Home Business Awardemployees three people and is growing in size and strength every day.

Becci’s daily commute across her garden leads to a charming Second World War Anderson Bunker.

She also works from a log cabin and a caravan hidden amongst trees. Her ‘office with a view’ takes in woodlands and a bird’s nest.

The BT Home Business Award is aimed at finding the most innovative business that demonstrates how remote working and home working has made a beneficial impact on their business and home life.

The Remote Worker Awards in association with BT Business aims to highlight how home working increases business

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Award winning website, Remote Employment, Google’s No 1 job site for flexible and home based jobs, launched The Remote Worker Awards in association with BT Business to highlight how home working and remote working benefits the British public and their working life.

So how did we get Becci's World War Bunker and Karen's Beach Hut on TV?

Here's what we did ...

For the second year’s Remote Worker Awards, our goal was to get TV exposure.

So, we set about looking for the most unusual home business in our entries to make sure we would get the media's attention. 

We found two unusual cases - Karen worked remotely from a beach hut and Becci worked from a World WarII bunker – we arranged a video shoot and uploaded it to YouTube. Take a look at it below.




After sending a press release to regional TV media, ITV Meridian picked up the story and gave us a fabulous piece over a period of two weeks right across South East England!

View the videos on my YouTube Channel:

Now watch Becci being interviewed by Malcolm from ITV:



Karen Morton, from Chichester, runs seminars at corporate conferences to help people think more creatively and improve the way they communicate. 

Karen was part of a BT sponsored initiative which involved training people in the Voluntary sector  on how to approach radio with a story, be interviewed on radio and how to create simple but effective PR Planners.   Karen is a finalist in the Remote Worker Awards

More recently she has delivered creative workshops on delighting customers for Profitnet – a University of Brighton initiative to support SME’s.

Working remotely is a greener option and thanks to the internet and mobile phone – Karen does not have to travel to Chichester every day saving 2 hours travelling per day and fuel costs.

Karen believes it is all about balance and once what you do works for your business and the people that work with you then remote working options are ideal.

When we saw Karen's beach hut and found out she worked so remotely - on the beach - we had to get her story into the media.

Watch Karen being interviewed by Malcolm from ITV.



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