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Most of iHubbub's magazine articles and home business blogging is done by the iHubbub Team.

We do also invite contributors and guest writers as well as freelance writers to drop us a line with a post suggestion. We don’t pay for guest posts, but we do credit the writer with your bios on the post.

Submit your proposal for a regular column here or add your article to our Life Style area now. If you're an expert or industry specialist you may want to write a guest blog for iHubbub's home based social community.

Guest Writers

Guest Bloggers

Read through the below before contacting us offering to write for us.

Guest Post Update

PLEASE NOTE: we are only currently accepting sponsored guest blogs. If you would like to find out about a sponsored post, please contact Paula via our contact page.

We have several different options to suit various budgets and audience reach requirements.


Write For Our Home Business Blog

Let your energy and passion for your chosen topic shine by writing blogs that help and support your business and at the same time showcase the home working world.

Our users would love to hear about your particular skills and interests and what makes your freelance consultancy or home business tick.

Boost your professional credibility and to network within our vibrant network of home workers and home based businesses and meet new people in the process. We'd be delighted if used our site as a platform to set yourself up as an expert in your field and to show people all of your freelance or small business expertise.

Find out our Blogging Guidelines to become a Guest Blogger.


Unique And Original is Key

We do NOT accept duplicate articles or blogs as Google penalises for this. We check every post to veriy that the piece has NOT been used anywhere else on the internet.

Please, please do NOT waste our time and yours by suggesting a piece that has already been used. It makes it harder for us to give you priority when we see another post suggestion coming from you because we know you have already submitted duplicate content!

Home Business Magazine Guest Writers

iHubbub is constantly on the look out for new articles about freelancing, running a business or starting up a new business, career specific topics in your field, working from home, tips for finding jobs, and many other topics related to freelancing and home based business development. Write a guest blog or regular column for iHubbub's home based working community

One of the ways to get recognized as an expert in your career field is to show others exactly what and how you do it. There is no better way than this to prove that you are good at what you do.

For example, if you are a graphic designer, your best bet would be to submit an article called “How I Designed a Logo for ABC Company from Start to Finish”.

Along with this article, the writer would submit pictures illustrating how they designed this specific logo, either through screenshots or through actual pictures.

Showing that you know how to work on a project is the best way to show potential hirers that you are the right freelancer for the job.

Or if you are a trainer or business coach your raft of stories, experiences and articles could get you recognised for new projects from home based business people who need a business coach.

Find out more by checking out other articles written by our Magazine Guest Writers.

Share the love: if you'd like us to share your links in your blog or article, please share ours!

We are now getting 100s of request each day to post blogs and articles so we are asking you to send us a link where we can see that you have shared our great site in some way and we will gladly add your post.


Reader Guidelines

Please find out about our audience so your post is relevant to our readers.

  • Posts can be about starting up or running a home business, or being a work from home freelancer, or opinions on recent business news or advice for home businesses and freelancers.
  • Check the Magazine area fully to see what we showcase.
  • If you're into home business blogging, take a tour around our blog and see what our home business bloggers have to say.
  • Ideally targeting our member groups which can be seen here.
  • Spend some time getting familiar with the site and see what we’ve already written about.


Key Guidelines

Please ensure that your article meets the following guidelines before sending it to us. If your article does not meet the following requirements, it will not be published.

  • All posts must be relevant to our readers and can be about starting up or running a home business, or being a work from home freelancer, or opinions on recent business news or advice for home businesses and freelancers.
  • Check the Magazine area fully to see what we showcase.
  • Ideally targeting our member groups which can be seen here
  • Only guest posts that are original and that have not already been published online will be accepted. All guest posts will be checked.
  • The article MUST BE unique to iHubbub and not published elsewhere on the web. We encourage you to share the post in social media sites, but don’t re-post the entire article elsewhere.
  • We WILL REMOVE your post if our team of sniffer dogs find this has been done.
  • We will not accept anything that has been used before on the internet as Google penalises for duplicate content. Please don't waste our time and yours by submitting something already out there.
  • If you present something to us that is already used and we check it as we do every post and find it is used before, it is more than likely that we will not consider another post from you - so please take the time to ensure your submission is original and unique!
  • We cannot say this enough.


Basic Guidelines

Please read the basics ...

  • Guest posts must use correct spellings and grammar.
  • Please break up the post with good keyworded headers.
  • First letter of the header words should be in capitals, like so: Use Capitals For Headers.
  • No self-promotion within the guest posts and definitely no affiliate links however relevant and  definitely no links to porn sites!
  • The iHubbub editorial team also reserve the right to make any changes to your guest post.
  • Submitting your guest post does not mean it will be published. We will contact you if when we have posted your article.
  • Try to keep your headlines as keyword focused as possible (we reserve the right to edit your title or headers.) 
  • Do not use abbreviations or acronyms - with a few well-known exceptions such as SEO, PPC, ROI.
  • Do not use exclamation points. It is amazing how many posts we receive with over-active exclamations!
  • We will not publish posts with spammy links or anchor text.
  • Please do not include HTML links in your post. If you want to add an href link, please provide the link in brackets [www.example.com] [and the link text - eg my example text from the post] in another bracket right beside it - as we have shown here. We will do the linking.

Length Of Blogs And Articles

An article or blog doesn’t have to be extremely long. We would prefer to see the energy in what you have to say and share.

Remember, our home working visitors and home business members are constantly on the hunte for practical insights and valuable tips which you may have learnt from hard earnt experience.

Write a Blog ... or an article?

You can send a short blog of up to 500 to 600 words for our www.ihubbub.com/home-business-blog or a longer piece up to 1500 words for our magazine www.ihubbub.com/magazine.

Take a good poke around both areas to see what there is on offer and then get in touch!

Bio Guidelines

This is the part where you get to promote yourself.

  • Guest posts will receive an author link at the bottom of your article in the 2 to 3 lines of author information. 
  • You may mention your product or website – if relevant – within an article, but we will not publish any that reeks of being an advertorial for your product or service.
  • The bio can be up to 100 words and include a link.
  • We are a small team, so please don't nag us about when your post will be published. Expect to hear from us within 5 to 10 days.

Ready to write for iHubbub? Contact us.

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