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The importance of maintaining your HVAC systems

A big part of being comfortable at home is the temperature settings of the house. HVAC systems are the heart of house temperature control, and that is why you need
a reliable company like William Comfort Air to keep your home systems functioning. They are a comprehensive company who serve the Indianapolis area, and they tailor their skills to your needs. They will also provide you with the best options.

First of all, some perks that you get with Williams Comfort Air are that you will get efficient and 24-hour emergency service if your HVAC system breaks down, certified and trained specialists, and maintenance and service for all brands and models. In addition, one other service they offer is air conditioning repair. They have professional experienced technicians that can help you with:

1) High energy bills
2) Dirty air filters
3) Frequent cycling
4) Musty smells coming from the vents
5) Warm air coming from the vents

You can also rely on them to pinpoint what the problem is with your cooling system. They are able to conduct in-depth diagnostics, which are always accurate. Therefore, effective repairs are done in order to ensure that your air conditioner will be high-functioning throughout the summer. In addition, some signs that you need to call a HVAC specialist are:

1) Your AC unit stops working- It is recommended to check your thermostat first, and check the batteries. You should also check the AC’s circuit breaker. If there are still problems with the system then you need to contact an AC expert to take a look at your unit.
2) Your AC unit is making strange noises- For example, if you hear screeching or squealing coming from the blower or motor assembly, then you need to call a professional, because this may mean that there is a motor bearing problem, or even a damaged belt that might break.

In addition, some signs that you need an AC replacement are if your air conditioner is over fifteen years old, if the repair costs are too high, and if it is inefficient.

Moreover, now that you are aware of the AC services, it’s also good to know about what Williams Comfort Air offers for heating services. For example, heat pumps are an energy efficient way to cool and heat your home. When you need maintenance on a heat pump, Williams Comfort Air offers service, pump repair, and even new heat pump installation for heating systems. In addition, a heat pump provides you with heating and cooling, so it is useful all year round.

Furthermore, they also offer furnace repair. Some common problems with furnaces are faulty flame sensors, leaky air ducts, dirty burners and cool air coming from the vents. None of these things should be ignored, so contact Williams Comfort Air at (317) 961-6799 to get to the root of the problem, and so you can get back to having a comfortable home.

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