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About Vishal

Raj Malhotra’s IAS Coaching Chandigarh is based in Sector 25. Raj Malhotra’s IAS coaching Centre is no ordinary UPSC coaching institute where students are herded into class like cattle and fed huge amounts of irrelevant information. It is an organization that mentors its students through one-on-one interaction with teachers. Classes here are interactive, enlightening and goal oriented. Moreover, since the UPSC exam is ever evolving, we have a dynamic course structure and teaching methodology that aims at building up candidates’ intellectual strength and flexibility so that he / she can attempt even the most difficult and unconventional question be it at the preliminary or mains level.

The UPSC exam has changed a great deal in the past 10 years. Questions earlier were more factual and descriptive. That meant that large volume of rote learning (‘Ratta’ in colloquial terms) was sufficient for cracking the exams. Today however, questions are a lot more analytical and opinion based. This means that candidates must have excellent understanding of fundamentals and firm conceptual grasp over the subject to excel. Moreover they also need to possess the intellectual flexibility to interpret tricky questions and answer them correctly. These qualities of conceptual soundness, intellectual clarity and improvisation are the things we focus at in these classes.


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