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If your home business or freelance consultancy requires frequent travelling or occasional business trips, you'll need to be updated on the best remote working hotels and travel facilities.

Or if you're a home worker and want to combine business and leisure with your family while staying connected with your home office check out our travel reviews below.

Villa Radicata - the perfect home from home in Tuscany
Italy is an exotic land of castle towns, fishing villages, rolling hills with hidden medieval towns and lush olive and wine valleys. The area is breathtaking ....Tuscany must be one of the prettiest parts of Italy combining rolling hills, warm lush valleys and many massively pretty and historic towns.
Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Travel to Europe
Are you thinking of traveling to Europe in the next few months or possibly setting up a meeting abroad?
We took a nice walk through Wurzburg and truly as their website states, we smelt that gorgeous aroma of freshly baked bread. We followed our noses and landed up at The Alte Mainmuhle. 
When you next need to take a well-deserved break from your home business or freelance home office, consider Fayrer Garden House Hotel.
Bumbling along in the Lakes and checking out the stunning mountain ranges, we happened upon the Barn House Tearoom.
During our business trip to Ireland we had the absolute pleasure of a short visit to Castle Durrow, one of Ireland’s most luxurious Country House Hotels located on the N8 Dublin to Cork Road.
Going abroad through Eurotunnel or doing business in Ashford in Kent? Why not try out Ashford North Holiday Inn.