How To Enter

Entering the Top 100 Home Business Awards is easy. Follow the simple steps below to ensure you give us your best ammo to impress our judges.

Read some good advice on how you can win a business award.

And read all the awards info.


3 to 4 Quick Steps To Enter

  1. Complete your profile
  2. Select your category
  3. Impress our judges
  4. *Optional - Get votes if you want to be the most popular business person

Anyone entering any of the award categories will automatically be entered into The Most Popular Business Person Award.

You can enter any awards that are suitable, if you enter more than 1 award category, remember that you must enter the other again as the criteria for entry will be different.

Now Open!

Prepare your entry now with the information below and then answer the 2 questions our judges want to know about you. You MUST LOGIN in to enter now!

Top 100 Home Business Awards

Complete Your Profile

The following is needed to enter the Home Business Awards and complete your profile. Read our guidelines to get the best results. You are welcome to start this process at any time and save your details.

  1. Username: ensure you choose the right username as this cannot be changed afterwards.
  2. Job or business title: Use strong, relevant keywords to title what you do.
  3. About you: Tell our visitors, members and Home Business Awards Judges a little about yourself or your home business. PLEASE DO NOT add any of your AWARD CRITERIA here!
  4. Add an image – show yourself and your business at its best, remember that our judges will look at your profile to see more about you and your business so feel free to post any images of your products or services or you working in your business or any business awards you have won. All of this will give our judges a bigger picture to judge your award entry!
  5. Social Links: our judges will take a peek to see how you engage you’re your community and home business followers. Add a few of your social links to give us an idea of your social standing.

Enter An Awards Category

Before you select which category you will enter your application, find out which Home Business Award Category will best suit your business.

You will be asked 2 SEPARATE questions:

  • Bedrock: About your business
  • Pizazz: Your energetic personality and why you're the best

To get the best results weave the answers to the questions asked in your chosen category skillfully through your text. Be sure to answer each question because there are 2 different fields and each one needs a seperate answer - see character count below.

  1. Watch this spot to find the link when the awards open
  2. Select the award category
    3. Read the entry criteria VERY CAREFULLY so that you include all the information on your award category that the judges will want to see in your entry. Plan your paragraphs. Write them out in a word document prior to entering the awards to be sure there are no spelling mistakes and it reads correctly with as much info the judges are asking for in your award category.
  3. Read below about the amount of text you are able to provide - if you need more, there is a link which you can give to show the judges any supporting information. This can be a link to your website with text and images and a video.

Please remember that your award category questions should not be answered in question/answer format.

Your entry stands a much better chance if you read the criteria and weave your response and reaction into each question field. The best entries are the ones that are carefully constructed, well-thought out.

Find all the Home Business Award Categories.

Count Your Words

Each question is limited to 750 character count (not word count). This will enable our judges to very quickly see which entry deserves to be taken to the next level. What this means for you as an entrant is that you have to ensure your entry is short, sharp and to the point.

A limit on the text you are able to use will ensure that you get to the point quickly, and give our judges the most important points with vital words to make your entry stand out from the rest.

We have also added a link field so that you can add any further supporting information on your own website – here you can add images and more text about you and your business. If you do use this – please keep the information succinct.

TIP: This is easy to monitor in MS WORD - go to 'Review' tab, highlight your text, click on 'Word Count' and you can see how many words you have used in the selected text and how many characters are counted within the same text selection.

Our judges are very busy and high profile business people who don’t have time to read through lots of text that doesn’t show them quickly why you should win this award. The way to be a winner is to only feature the highlights in your questions and then a few other points in your supporting info with any images you’d like to show off.

Our judges will be impressed with the entrants who take the time to think through what the judges are asking for and then give this info in as few paragraphs as possible. Anything long and too ‘wordy’ will only put the judges off. Please ensure your entry gets the best ‘reviews’ from the judging panel.

Find all the Home Business Award Categories.

Share Your Entry

When you have completed your entry - please share it and include @ihubbub and we will share it, share it and share it again!

Some examples:

"I'm delighted to be in @ihubbub #homebusiness awards. Check my story LINK"

"Please vote for my entry in @ihubbub #homebusiness awards LINK"

"Yippee, I am in @ihubbub #homebusiness awards LINK"

You can also include hashtags that match your entry category, such as #family, #mum, #smallbusiness, #freelancer etc


Impress Our Judges

Impress our judges with success stats, business secrets and inspiring stories.

Here’s your chance to really WOW our judges. Each Home Business Award Category has different criteria. Read about the category and then carefully select a paragraph to either give your secrets to your success, share creative images, provide success stats, but above all reveal your inspiring story.

These are the judges who will be spying on you and your home business.

Get Votes

Lastly, ask your friends, colleagues and business followers to vote for you. When your application is complete and you see it live on the Home Business Awards, simply click on the link and spread this link around your networks to help you get votes.

This could help you to win the Most Popular Business Person Award. It will also help your application to be more visible to our judges with all your lovely voting stars.

Other Info That May Help Your Entry

When completing your profile, the following is NOT necessary to enter the Home Business Awards, but it will help your application to be complete and look meaty enough for our judges to notice you!

Give Your Business A Publicity Boost

The best stories are always the ones that get noticed by the media. During the awards programme iHubbub will be hunting down all the best stories to help you get into your local papers.

That is why you should spend a bit of time thinking and chewing on your category application question.

Not only will the best ones impress our judges, but they will also outshine any dull entries when we come searching for PR stories. Yours may even get noticed by the national newspapers.

Read about how to win awards and find out more about getting your business some free publicity.