Best Home Business Startup Award

Business entrepreneurs with real potential either starting up a home based business or one that has running one for the past 12 months with a successful business concept, growing sales figures or forecasts will wow our judges.

Entry Criteria

Give our judges all they need to choose you by showing us the following information. Please remember that these questions should not be answered in question/answer format.

Your entry stands a much better chance if you read the criteria and weave your response and reaction into each question field. The best entries are the ones that are carefully constructed, well-thought out and planned and written in a document prior to entering the awards.

You must read HOW TO ENTER THE AWARDS! Also, read our advice on how to win awards which may help you to win.

Any of the information below should be written into your application.


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Bedrock: About Your Business

  • What home business will you startup or do you already run
  • When did you start your business (or when will you start it)
  • What makes your product or service a success
  • How will or has your home based business performed
  • What sales figures or forecasts can you share to impress our judges
  • What you'll do if you are recognised as the winner of this award

Pizazz: About You

  • What pizazz do you inject into your business
  • What is it about you and your attitude that could win this award
  • What inspiration drives your energetic personality
  • Why did you start this business - was there any challenges that required you to do this
  • Give examples of any special stories that you'd like to share
  • What success stories do you have to encourage our judges to choose your entry
  • Any interesting personal angle that will ensure you take home this fabulous award!

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most popular business person

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