Award Judges

Meet our judges who will be spending time looking at your home business award entry to see if you are going to be the lucky winner of one of our fabulous award categories!

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The Top 100 Home Business Awards open for entries Spring 2015!

Meet Our Judges ...

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Vicki Owen Keir Greenwood Fiona Wright
Ed Chipperfield Dee Blick Debbie Bird
Bobby Lane
Rachel Ray Peter Treadwell
Ivan McKeever Nicky Kriel
 Paula Wynne
Ken Sheridan Aaron Seigo

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Vicki Owen

Vicki Owen is the key journalist for small business owners for Financial Mail on Sunday and so a perfect fit. She is a highly respected and sought after journalist representing a prestigious brand.

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Ed ChipperfieldEd Chipperfield judging the top 100 home business awards

Ed Chipperfield is a journalist and copywriter with 17 years of writing experience.

Specialising in the fields of technology, fintech and health, Ed is a regular contributor to The Sunday Times and Men’s Health. 

Ed runs Modern Copy, a copywriting consultancy with clients including GlaxoSmithKline, Lonely Planet and Braun, as well as working alongside five of the UK’s top ten design agencies.

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Fiona Wright

Fiona Wright has been a journalist and editor for national consumer magazines and newspapers for 20 years.
fiona wright journalist and founder of schoolbuzz is judging the top 100 home busines awards
She was Editor of women’s magazine Shape, and has written and edited for titles including the  Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Daily Express, She, Glamour, Woman and Home and Good Housekeeping.

She has also appeared as a media expert on GMTV, BBC Breakfast and Sky News and LK Today.

As well as writing human interest, health and lifestyle stories, Fiona has a special interest in careers and finance.

And Fiona also writes the New Directions section in Woman and Home magazine interviewing female entrepreneurs about their businesses.

Why Fiona Is Judging

Fiona said "I'm very excited to be part of the judging panel. I love talking to and interviewing entrepreneurs.

They tend to be a  passionate, clever, resourceful bunch who turn misfortune into opportunity.

It's easy to start a business if you have money; it's also easy to have a 'veneer career' - a hobby pretending to be work. Bootstrapping your way to success from home with a low budget and very few resources is much more difficult.

A brilliant idea, ingeniously executed, making decent money - that's what I'm looking for.


Bobby Lane

Bobby Lane is a leading business adviser and accountant to SMEs in the UK. His views and opinions are frequently sought by national and business publications with recent interviews including The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times & Sky News. He is a regular Contributor to Bobby Lane is judging the top 100 home business awardsDrapers, Private Dentistry & Salon Business.

He is also The Strategy Surgeon for Talk Business, Business Agony Uncle for BBC Radio London as well as co-founder and writer of the HINGE column in The Daily Mirror. Bobby is a Member of The Accountancy Age Advisory Panel and a Judge on the Drapers awards.

A chartered accountant with more than sixteen years’ experience in professional practice, qualifying with BDO with an additional five years’ commercial experience working as CFO for multinational organisations in the PR and Marketing sector.

Bobby heads up the Outsourcing team at Shelley Stock Hutter – an accountancy firm based in London – where he advises business owners at all stages of development – from start-ups to growing businesses, putting ailing companies back on track, he also helps with forecasting, financing, working capital management as well as strategic and tax planning.

Why Bobby Is Judging

Given Bobby's personal and professional experience working with home businesses understands the challenges facing enterprises and can recognise their achievements, so he is keen to see entrants with innovative practices that deliver longevity for their business.

Show me the challenges you've faced with creative methods for overcoming them.

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Dee Blick

Dee is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (only 3% of marketers worldwide attain this status) She is also a genuine Number 1 bestselling small business marketing author, regarded as one of the most respected and influential marketers in the UK.

She’s the author of 4 bestsellers including: The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses For Your Small Business. Rated ‘an excellent read’ by The Sun Newspaper, CityAM, Elite Business Magazine, winner of the Bookbag nonfiction book award and one of  Talk Business Magazines ‘Best books of 2013’. Dee Blick is judging the top 100 home business awards

It’s endorsed by The Chartered Institute of Marketing. Her previous book, The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book has sold 20,000 copies to date and remains an Amazon No 1 bestseller. It’s has been translated in to Chinese after Dee was offered a publishing deal by CITIC publishing in Beijing. It is also syllabus reading at The University of Texas.

Her latest book The Ultimate Guide to Writing and Marketing a Bestselling Book on a Shoestring Budget has just been released and won the Bookbag top 10  non-fiction books of 2014 award and The Guardian’s top 10 reads for entrepreneurs.

A sales driven marketer with 30 years’ experience, Dee has generated £12million+ sales (primarily from direct mail, PR and advertising). She’s renowned for her down to earth approach to marketing on a shoestring and she walks her talk. Dee helps small businesses get incredible results on small budgets.

She has been a keynote speaker for many brands including CIM, Royal Mail, The Business Show, Stannah, Unitron, DPD, Spicers, Autorama, The British Franchise Association and Drain Doctors.

Why Dee Is Judging

Dee said "I am thrilled to be part of the judging panel and excited to see the entries. So what would I like to see in the entrants? Well, not just a great business model that works from a home base, but real commitment, passion and a desire to do something just that bit special and different to the norm.

As a marketer I would love to see a well honed shoestring marketing plan in action and an unrelenting focus on delivering exceptional levels of customer service on a consistent basis.

Finally if it’s clear that you love what you do and are making a success of your idea, that’s the icing on my cake!"

I'd like to see commitment, passion and your desire to do something that bit special.

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Keir Greenwood

Keir Greenwood is the VP of Client Results for Arise in Europe, and is responsible for the implementation, operational delivery and relationship management of prospect, new and existing Clients in the portfolio. Keir leads the Client Results Management Team, all of whom work from home, to deliver virtual BPO services to market leading brands through the Arise network of businesses.

Keir joined in 2009 to help Arise build from the 2008 launch of the UK business. Prior to joining Arise, Keir spent 10 years with Kelly Services, a global staffing solutions company, where he managed large key accounts in Telecoms, BPO and Financial Services, across Europe.

Keir has worked with leading industry bodies to advocate flexible and remote working, and the many benefits it brings. Keir is often asked to speak on the perceived challenges and benefits of Work @ Home models, for example at the 2013 CCA Annual Conference and the 2012 Home Working Summit.

Before his career in Outsourcing, Keir trained as a chef and then in hotel management. Cookery remains one of his interests, in addition to cycling and scuba diving. Keir lives in the North West of England.

Why Keir Is Judging

As an avid advocate for home working, Keir is excited to be judging.

Let's find those home working successes to help more people work from home!

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Nicky Kriel

Nicky Kriel is a Social Media Consultant, Trainer and Author. She is passionate about inspiring, educating and empowering business owners to use Social Media to grow their businesses.

Nicky uses her background in corporate marketing to help companies integrate social media into their own marketing and business strategies. As a Master NLP Practitioner, communicating is her strength, teaching people to engage with the ‘social’ aspect of social networking; it’s not all about tools and technology, but about people and relationships.Nicky Kriel is judging the top 100 home business awards

Based in Guildford, she has worked with businesses ranging from solopreneurs to multinationals (including a prince), helping them build, develop and implement relevant social media strategies. As a self-confessed technophobe, jargon is minimal, with practical advice and guidance being the focus.

Nicky has a book published called, “How to Twitter for Business Success” with another book in the pipeline. She runs online courses and webinars on social media and offers bespoke in-house training.

She is regularly interviewed on the radio as a Social Media expert, the most recent being a series of interviews on the Clive Bull show on LBC Radio and been quoted in several newspapers including The Daily Telegraph and the Guardian. She speaks about Social Media for small Business at events and conferences and is a regular contributor to “The Institute of the Motor Industry(IMI) Magazine” and “Outdoor Enthusiast Retailer” about Social Media marketing.

Born and raised in South Africa, Nicky made the UK her home and has lived in Surrey for over 20 years. She has three children.

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Why Nicky Is Judging

As a home worker myself, I am thrilled to be able to celebrate and highlight all the achievements of wonderful business owners who show that you don’t need to be in an office to be able to run a successful business. 

I love the freedom of working around raising my children, but at the same time, I know the trials and tribulations of working from a home office or a dining room table. 

I am passionate about helping small business owner to grow their business and I am honoured to be on this distinguished judging panel.

Let's celebrate home business owners who show that you don’t need to be in an office to run a successful business. 


Debbie Bird

Debbie is a very busy mum of two and Mode Family Editor at Mode Media for Glam Family UK and sites – two of the UK's top online parenting portals, so she knows all too well how balancing family life and a successful career can be a challenge - and how to manage that juggle!
debbie bird - editor of babyworld and glam family
Debbie has worked as an Editor for parenting websites for over 13 years and is a strong supporter of flexible, family-friendly working.

In her current, varied role, Debbie keeps abreast of the latest products and businesses within the industry as well as the issues faced by working and stay-at-home parents today.

She works closely with many family bloggers curating and creating editorial that is fun, informative and engaging for every member of the family. Read more about Debbie and her story here  or visit Glam Family and Babyworld.

Debbie's Questions To YOu

“Whether we work at home, in an office,  or run a large business, we have our work.  And it is our work that asks us to use our skills and talents. No one else would do a job quite the way we do it. Why would they?

Having and raising children should never be considered a right.  It is a privilege and a responsibility that we take on by choice

Sometimes we get so busy with coping with what is asked of us we can forget to notice what we are learning about ourselves and others, and what and how we are teaching our children”

Why Debbie  Is Judging

Debbie said "I strongly believe that parents have never been in a better position to champion flexible working and to influence society on how the future of the family unit will work. I see every day how the parenting sector is adapting to the powerful pull of the internet and social media, not only for themselves but in how it impacts our children.

I have particularly been keen to watch the steady growth of the blogging community.  I have seen parents sharing so many of their achievements; from the announcement of a pregnancy, through to coping with sleepless nights and onto how they balance their return to work.

Whether that has been to create a new business or personal career.  It is a journey that so many of us have empathy with and it helps when individuals share their amazing journeys.

In my view, to help them in their busy lives every parent has a right to non-judgemental information and support. Whether it is a business providing information or a product, an individual creating a blog or a personal service we should all embrace the ‘parents that chooses to share’.  Showing respect for each other and acknowledging that we are all entitled to our own views and opinions is vitally important, along with being authentic and honest when we do share.

Come on, parents, share your achievements to champion flexible family working.

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Peter Treadwell

Peter Treadwell is Operations Director for Business Finance Solutions (BFS), which works with entrepreneurs across the North West of England.

They provide loans, business support, mentoring and training to help start ups and Speter treadwell judging top 100 home business awardsMEs grow and succeed and have supported over 1000 businesses as part of the Start Up Loans programme, from craft breweries and marketing agencies to garden centres and online retailers.

Start Up Now, the North West arm of the government’s national £150m Start Up Loans programme, has delivered finance and business support for over £6 million of loans to over 1000 entrepreneurs across the North West as part of the Government’s Start Up Loans initiative.

Why Peter Is Judging

More and more people today are taking the plunge and setting up their own businesses. As a result the entrepreneurial culture in this country is enormously diverse and vibrant, something that the iHubbub awards are rightly celebrating.

Running a home business should be a real commitment, not a hobby, and to be truly successful you need to plan and look ahead, something I will be looking for in the submissions. Many of this country’s greatest entrepreneurs started their companies from their kitchen table or garage and they had the vision to grow, develop and create jobs, something I’ll also be looking for in the award entries.

It is great to be part of such a distinguished judging panel and I’m very much looking forward to finding out more about the talented and passionate business people who will be entering.

I'm after talented and passionate home business owners.

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Rachel Ray

Rachel Ray is founder of Bright & Beautiful, an award-winning concept in professional domestic cleaning services. All of the franchises are owned and run by businesswomen who wanted to step off the corporate ladder and enjoy both their work and home lives.rachel ray judging the home business awards

Since launching as a home based business in 2007 Rachel now manages more than 50 franchises nationwide, employs over 300 people and has a £3.5m turnover.  

A mum of two, Rachel is passionate about supporting women in business and pioneering the case of family friendly working.

She won the Manchester City Council Women in Business Award in 2011. Bright and Beautiful won the Home Based Business of the Year 2013, Barclays-Forward Ladies WiBA award (Women in Business Awards) and was a finalist in the BFA Emerging Franchisor of the Year 2014.

Why Rachel Is Judging

Rachel said “Having started my own business from home I am very excited to be judging such a valuable award that recognizes the hard work that goes into setting up and running home based businesses.

Being your own boss is the best thing in the world but you really do need to be 100% passionate about it so I'd love to see that dynamism and drive behind the winning businesses.  

Working from home can sometimes be lonely so I think successful entrepreneurs need to demonstrate a truly collaborative streak; something that will help them to grow their own business and to become part of a wider community for the long term. Many home based workers go on to create their own networks of business partners, both local and virtual, and that is something that benefits them, their customers and the wider economy.

Show your dynamism and drive behind your home business.

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Ivan McKeever

Ivan McKeever's broad experience across the business marketing spectrum, has seen him hold roles with the Automobile Association (AA),  AT&T Capital, GE Capital and Hewden Plc, before becoming part of the private equity backed MBO team that grew Styles & Wood from £100m to £300m and then exited via a float on LSE.

He joined as CEO at Utility Exchange Online in 2013, and has since helped lead the direction and re-branding of the company to McKeever judging the top 100 home business awards is a private equity backed B2B energy switching service. Set up to help SMEs find the best energy tariff for their business, it has grown to be well respected in the B2B energy comparison market, both by the suppliers and business customers.

Ivan's passion for growing and selling private equity backed businesses is the catalyst behind the development of's move to further support small to medium businesses across the UK.

When he’s not working, Ivan can be found training to cycle around Ireland which he’ll be doing this summer.

Why Ivan Is Judging

Ivan believes that small businesses, whether home-based or otherwise, are the bedrock of the economic recovery, but often their contribution is often overlooked.

He said "I really believe small businesses should be championed and their value to the economy recognised, which is why I am delighted to be judging the awards and helping uncover and celebrate home business entrepreneurs.
I’m looking for someone who has spotted an opportunity to create and grow a business, taken the initiative, exploited their talents and risked their time and money in order to follow their ambition. 

I’m also looking for signs of determination. What challenges has the business and the owner had to face and overcome? It’s how we deal with these challenges that make us successful in business. But it’s also about how you can creatively reach your audiences. What have you done differently to make your home business stand out?” 

Tell me how you've exploited your talents and risked time and money to follow your ambition.


Aaron Seigo

Aaron Seigo is a young veteran of the software industry. His work with open source software communities, holding positions ranging from software architect to president of global non-profits, resulted in him being recognized as one of the 50 most influential people in IT by in 2008.

He has founded and run small-to-medium sized companies as well as worked for Fortune 500 companies in leadership positions, and today works as Senior Technologist at Kolab Systems AG.aaron seigo judging the home business awards

Why Aaron Is Judging

Aaron said "As I work for an small, entrepreneurial company myself, I understand what it takes to build something that you can call your own from the ground up.

It is an exciting and rewarding, if at times demanding, path and being able to give some recognition to those putting in their best efforts every day is a reward itself.

I hope to see entrants who embody the spirit of self-sufficient capitalism and who are taking full advantage of today's technology tools to build dynamic, distributed teams of motivated individuals."


For me, it's about home entrepreneurs taking full advantage of today's tecnhology tools.

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iHubbub's Founders As Judges ...


Ken Sheridan

Ken has a long career in FMCG as Brand Manager, General Manager and Managing Director.

Ken Sheridan is co founder of iHubbub's home business social network

He managed major brands such as Pepsi, Tetley Tea, Monster Munch, Jacobs Biscuits, Cow & Gate baby food, Sunkist Orange and Powwow Water both in the UK and internationally.

Ken's business experience covers B2B markets, fast moving B2C products, short shelf life brands, brands that are over 100 years old, major product launches and business re-engineering projects.

He has managed and successfully grown large businesses as well as smaller subsidiaries of 'Top 500' multinational businesses using aggressive sales and marketing programmes to do so.

Ken has some very interesting stories about launching new products and often has his audience in stitches with his quick wit and buckets of guff!


Paula Wynne

Paula Wynne, (now Sheridan) a publicist, marketer and award-winning online entrepreneur, is the bestselling author of Create A Successful Website and Pimp My Site. Paula's author's bio is viewable at Amazon's Author Central.

Paula Wynne, author of Create A Successful Website and Co Founder of iHubbub's home business social network

Paula is also the editor of iHubbub's magazine and her mission is to bring freelancers, authors and home business start-up entrepreneurs as much new and helpful information each day.

As a small home business starting out as the recession hit the UK, Paula experienced the financial constraints that every small business startup, entrepreneur, and independent business working on a shoestring has to juggle.

Instead of waiting to afford the valuable digital marketing resource needed for her business, Paula taught herself everything she could about keywords, optimization and online search marketing.

Paula is also a popular keynote speaker, see more at

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