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Remote or Home Worker, United Kingdom.

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About Tina

Although I am a Master student in International Marketing in Sheffield Hallam University, I am a artistic and creative person. I studied Fashion Design in The School of Design of Murcia (Spain) and I achieved in The School of design in Valencia (Spain) 2010.

As Fashion designer, i participated in different contest across spain with what I have developed my creative designer skills and where i created collections that were related to the inspiration issue. Also I was hired on a freelance basis to design 2d graphics on behalf of the printing company ´Crysveld´ for thier client ´GePetrol´. To do this i used the software applications Illistrator and Photoshop, this was my first time in applying my Design skills with my Marketing and Advertisement knowledge. I am  very committed in all  the jobs I’ve done before.

By applying my Design and Creative skills beside with my knowledge on Marketing and Advertisement in any freelance or online job. I am able to develop works and projects with a creativity perspective and relate them to any marketing or business concept such as logos, sketches, 2d Garments and graphic designs in order to reach customer´s needs more easily and from different point of view. As a responsible and hard worker person, I will deliver the best in any of my work, respecting deadlines and schedules of all my clients.


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