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What is DWI non-disclosure, and how is it useful for offenders?

A previously convicted person for driving while intoxicated is entitled to appeal the sealing of a criminal offense record with the help of a DWI Non-Disclosure. A DWI Non-Disclosure means that the criminal history records related to arrest and prosecution for DWI crime will be sealed and disclosed from public view. You can contact 'DWI attorney Fort Worth' to know whether you are eligible for the process or not.

If you are not on probation, then often the requirements to apply for non-Disclosure are:

Test result

Suppose your sobriety test results do not exceed the legal limit, such as alcohol concentration should not be more than 0.15 or more.

Accident history

Although you might be convicted for driving while intoxicated, you should not be involved in a vehicle accident causing bodily injury to another person.

Completed sentence

You have fully completed the sentence term: jail time, fines, court costs, and any other compensation.

Other charges

You must not have a criminal record of any other kind and have never been convicted or placed on probation for prohibited offenses.

However, alcohol-related crimes like boating or flying while intoxicated or selling intoxicants to minors are not eligible for non-disclosure. Besides some non-alcohol-related crimes such as kidnapping, murder, sex offenders are not suitable to file for non-disclosure.

Hence, you can hide your criminal background, including DWI, which is helpful to secure a job and a place to rent. You must consult with an experienced DWI attorney. You can search, 'DWI attorney near me to choose the topmost and well-qualified lawyer.
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