PC Tools Internet Security Review

PC Tools Internet Security Review

We all need it -that's for sure! Internet Security is part and parcel of every freelancer, home worker and home business. With all the tools and systems on the market today it can be quite a muddle sifting through the requirements, trying to figure out what they offer and most importantly if they're easy to use! 


So iHubbub Reviewer, Rosalind Brookman went undercover to review PC Tools Internet Security. Treat yourself to this value for money software.

PC Tools Internet Security delivers powerful protection against online threats incorporating anti-spyware antivirus antispam and firewall components into an easy-to-use online security solution. Integrated Behavior Guard blocks new threats faster than traditional security products while Browser Defender protects against web-based attacks like phishing attempts and malicious downloads.

The installation process for PC Tools Internet Security (Version 9.0) is quick, doesn’t ask  unintelligible questions and is clear about the process all the way through.  There are 3 different types of scan; the full scan, the custom scan where you can ask it to look at particular areas, and the IntelliScan which heads straight to specific areas of risk. There is a tab where you can see the history of the activity PC Tools has taken, including the scans it has run and the viruses it has found.

The IntelliGuard system watches over your computer for all kinds of threats; it covers your email and any attachments received, websites you visit (it will warn you if it detects a problem with any site before you can open it), files you get sent etc., and you can turn all the filters on and off independently.

Aesthetically it is a clean layout and relatively easy to see what it is doing and where.  For the average person who just wants to be able to use their computer’s basic functions safely then the 5 tabs across the top direct you to where you need to look. If you are not au fait with all internet security jargon then reading in depth is a bit baffling, but for those who need a higher level of information then it is clearly signposted.

PC Tools gives you the option to choose your settings based on computer function versus security, depending on your requirements – you can choose from ‘Performance’, which means it uses less of your computer’s resources to run, although it still provides ‘appropriate levels of protection’; through to ‘Protection’ – which is the highest level of security, although this may impact on how fast your computer operates.

PC Tools recommends that you pick ‘Balanced’ which as it suggests, is a mixture of both. I did find that with the full programme running, even on the ‘Balanced’ setting the computer did seem to run a little slower than usual, although not enough to interrupt use.

One of the most useful additions to the programme is the Scam Protection – this monitors websites that you might potentially come across whilst looking for home working jobs. There are many scams associated with home working, and this programme means that these imposter sites should be weeded out before they can rip you off.  It works by monitoring keyword and website activity to determine whether the site is legitimate. If it thinks it is an untrustworthy website it will flag this up to ensure you don’t lose personal or financial information.

There’s a tab to your account information – again, this is very easy to navigate. You can edit your contact details, renew your subscription and contact the support centre with a couple of clicks. The PC Tools website has a large amount of information to reference, including video tutorials; phone, email and live chat support; an online forum and user guides.

Some quick research on the internet finds that other PC websites with access to security testing procedures give the program average marks; it scores well on basic functions, but is slated by not scoring well on independent laboratory tests.  If you are somebody with average computer use, visiting mainstream websites and only sending and receiving emails from known persons however, then PC Tools Internet Security should give you all the protection you need.

iHubbub Quote

"Will quickly and effectively protect your PC from viruses, infected emails and more, and you don't need to be a computer genius to install it or understand what it's doing!"

PC Tools Internet Security runs on Windows Vista, XP and Windows 7 on a 1 user, 3 PC licence basis.

Single License: http://astore.amazon.co.uk/ihubbub-21/detail/B002TKLMR4


Price: 8
Value: 7
User Friendly: 8