Novel Writing Software

Novel Writing Software

Always wanted to write your own book, but didn’t know where to start. Whether you’re a complete novice, or a more experienced writer, Write Your Own Novel Professional V2, has everything you need to create a best-selling literary masterpiece!


write your own novel

Well, with Write your own Novel Professional you'll have everything you need to create a masterpiece.

This easy-to-use program will give you the confidence to plan and write a novel from scratch, helping you methodically develop, organise and refine your story.

Create characters with the help of a database which can create 800,000 names and add personalities using the program's profiling systems.

The flexibility of this program allows you to adjust ideas and track events, dates and characters. You can brainstorm the background to your story then leave and return to a clear record of where your thoughts were heading something that's harder to achieve using written notes.

Ideas and Notes
Simply jot down your ideas and notes for the story which have not yet been incorporated, safe in the knowledge they won't be lost. You can even use the 'generate new ideas' function to give you inspiration if you are having an unimaginative day.

Once you've finished your story, this software will automatically convert your writing into a formatted manuscript style, ready to be sent off for publication.

Submissions Tracker.
A perfect tool to help keep a record of where and who you've sent your story to, whether it was accepted or rejected, and even when your work was published.


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