Lexmark X544 Review

Lexmark X544 Review

The Lexmark X544 is a serious piece of printing equipment and is definitely at the top end of home office printing and office efficiency. If you have the budget and need a good home office 'treat' look no further.


We recently completed a great trial of the Lexmark X544 multi-function laser printer, in this case a trial that had nothing to do with football managers or tax!

There are many of the normal basic printer areas where it scores very well – it is reliable, efficient and as a MFP (multi-function printer) it performs the useful, but sometimes not often used, functions of scanning (a big deal in some offices), and in the case of the Lexmark X544 something you can do directly to email, and it also performs the forgotten art of faxing.

The double sided print facility is also a great help to office efficiency and the printer’s all round environmental friendliness. There is a helpful technical support facility that can help with any set up or running issues and can be done on your site and by the next day.

A word on print quality – it’s great! Across a range of different document types, some internal some client facing, the quality was really very good and easily beat two other colour printers in our office. Photos, presentations, Photoshop designs, important company documents and stationery all reproduced really impressively.

Away from basic functionality, the X544 has some very interesting plus features include the whole Lexmark environmentally friendly package – it has a comprehensive energy save system and you can get your cartridges collected and re-cycled, and you can also join a rewards programme which can reduce replacement cartridge costs.

It can print with a watermark of your choice – very handy for sensitive docs or drafts – and the X544 also calculates the cost of each print job should you so wish – how helpful is that in certain circumstances!

If you need to produce frequent high quality colour documents for client facing purposes, the X544 will be a great help. Also, and this is where the robust nature of the X544 certainly helps, if your home office is quite print-heavy in terms of how it needs to operate, again the Lexmark X544 printer is a good choice.

As with all support services, you want them to be reliable and not on your radar for the wrong reasons; printers may be important but not business critical so you want them to do their thing reliably and (as in the case of the X544) to a high standard and all without any distraction to you and what is core to your business. In this regard, the Lexmark X544 is your man, or woman!



Price: 5
Value: 8
User Friendly: 7