Keep Your Tools Charged

Keep Your Tools Charged

Your portable devices follows you everywhere and if left at home in a rush or oversight will leave you in a fluster and having cold-turkey-palpitations, eager to get it back in your sticky paws.

Sound familiar?


And when that portable device is not forgotten, as is most often the case, and you’re on the go you end up carting about the plug to juice it up now and then so it doesn’t fail on you at the most inconvenient moment.

Carrying a bulky plug that pokes into you through your handbag is enough to make anyone think they're back in Noah's ark. That is … until Mu sweeps onboard and starts dishing out their award-winning folding plug.

Now we’re talking!

The Mu will charge your smartphone anywhere you are and will even fit comfortably in your pocket because it is so small and with this compact. 

It’s even easy to use: just open wings as seen below ...

Mu USB Charger for remote workers


Then, twist pivot and plug in. Simple as that.



Mu USB Charger for remote workers


If you’re into space-saving and no-pokey cables hopefully you’ll see the value and may even be after another one for that other portable device you’re hankering for ...

Unveiled in June 2009 designer Min-Kyu Choi's folding plug concept became a viral phenomenon and anyone with a pool of gadgets can see why.

To turn his revolutionary new design into reality, Min-Kyu joined forces with Matthew Judkins, a business creative with specific expertise in bringing game-changing design innovations to life. Together they founded Made in Mind – a company with a vision of commercialising the folding plug concept and championing other pioneering designs.

The new Mu plug measures 14mm thick and when packed in your handbag or briefcase those pokey three prongs are folded in a line rather than a triangle sticking out. Check out our mobile bags and briefcases mobile tools reviews to see how we roadtested mobile bags and put them through the grill.

Going for optimum flexibility, instead of a dedicated cable system, the Mu USB adapter has - as the name suggests - a USB socket on the back. So just slip it out of your bag or pocket and twist and charge up your phone or Kindle.

Bit pricey, going for more than a song at £25.



Price: 5
Value: 5
User Friendly: 7