Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Travel to Europe

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Travel to Europe

Are you thinking of traveling to Europe in the next few months or possibly setting up a meeting abroad?


Before you shoot off, take a look at Eurotunnel Le Shuttle.

They are not only the fastest cross-channel operator for your car, with up to 4 departures an hour and motorway to motorway access, but we really fancied the idea of a pit-stop in their FlexiPlus lounge.

Mad, I know, to be just about to leave for a short break and then to stop in your tracks and think of your home business! But every home business owner knows and keenly feels the need to be dedicated and have some kind of online availability, even if only briefly at a FlexiPlus Lounge.


Eurotunnel - fastest business travel to Europe for small business owners


Hey, ho, so we pulled into Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and quickly found the FlexiPlus lounge, to be greeted by a couple of smiley faces waiting to give us a foodie bag.

We didn’t expect that so it was a lovely surprise to choose a sandwich, yoghurt, drink, crisps and have it all packed into a little canvas carry all, just right for eating on board. We took some time out in the lounge, to log onto their free Wi-Fi and drop a few urgent emails and check out a few online bits and bobs before we took off on Le Shuttle.

If flexibility and speed are essential to your travel arrangements, this is a brilliantly fast and efficient option as 1 ticket covers 1 car and up to 9 passengers, so handy for small business groups going to seminars or conferences abroad. Check out the benefits of Shuttling to Europe with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle’s FlexiPlus ticket [].

FlexiPlus provides you with a dedicated check-in, priority boarding and exclusive lounge facilities (for vehicle’s under 1.85m high). The lounge offers a complimentary newspaper, magazines, hot/cold drinks, refreshments and Wi-Fi - always handy for busy home business owners or online ecommerce entrepreneurs!

Charge your devices, get Wi-Fi, snack and chill in comfort and re-charge your own batteries....and then roll to the front of the queue when it’s time to go. The lounge remains open until 22.00hrs but the shuttles continue with a reduced timetable during the night.

Eurotunnel - fastest business travel to Europe for small business ownersEurotunnel Le Shuttle advise customers to check in at least 30 minutes before their booked departure, but with FlexiPlus, whatever time you arrive you will be placed on the next available departure.  Hey, you can’t go wrong there!

FlexiPlus is perfect for travellers who require flexibility. If you don't know how long it's going to take to drive up from the South of France, not sure if that business meeting is going to over run or have the opportunity to stay a couple of extra days at a holiday home, then FlexiPlus is really the right ticket for you.  

No supplements if you arrive early or late, fully flexible and fully refundable - perfect! When you consider the cost of a basic on-the-day booking, the FlexiPlus premium looks very small. If time is of the essence to your travel plans, as it was for us, it is well worth the premium – It can be less than an hour from arrival to driving off in France.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle also allow you to mix and match your tickets i.e. buying a standard ticket one way and a FlexiPlus for the return, therefore enabling you total flexibility on the leg of the journey that you need it the most.  You decide which way to go flexi.
 Eurotunnel - fastest business travel to Europe for small business owners
If you think it's as cool as we did, you can book in advance, because the beauty of FlexiPlus is that you have total flexibility, and your ticket is valid for 12 months in case your business meetings or plans change!

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle operates from Folkestone (junction 11a M20) to Calais (junction 42 A16).

The Channel Tunnel is one of the biggest engineering projects ever undertaken in the UK. Taking more than five years to complete, with more than 13,000 workers from England and France collaborating to realise the vision, the tunnel has been named one of the seven wonders of the modern world.  It is also the most environmentally friendly way to cross the Channel!

Today, as thousands of passengers travel with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle under the Channel every year, it can be easy to take for granted this extraordinary and unique man-made feat.

If you travel a loEurotunnel - fastest business travel to Europe for small business ownerst, the frequent traveller package could be your way to go:

Whether you are on a quick day trip, an overnight stay, a single or longer stay or maybe even a frequent traveller, take a look at the comparisons Eurotunnel have on offer for you in this handy table:

If you’re keen to see where you’re going and what the tunnel looks like in cross-section, check out the 'how the tunnel was built' link, lots of interesting and unusual facts, such as the lowest point 75 miles deep and 32 miles wide.

And what’s more … it’s great if you are not a good sailor!



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