Create A Successful Website

Create A Successful Website

CREATE A SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE is ideal for anyone who wants to create a website. It has been written for a range of different PROFESSIONAL CONSUMERS, such as artists, actors, sports personalities and even someone creating a family website.


This practical beginner’s guide takes the reader through the daunting and complex world of setting up a website. It is for anyone who wishes to put up a website, from a student profile or simple hobby site to a full throttle online business.

Using screen shots, text and illustrations, CREATE A SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE makes it easy for anyone to learn how to build a web presence, what pitfalls to watch out for and explains what to do in easy visual steps.

This down to earth book covers everything from research and planning, branding, navigation, free and hosted website packages, ecommerce, adding content and revenue earning options, to the final preparations for going live.

Create A Successful Website has received rave reviews and praise for the book, showing start ups that this book is a must-have toolkit for starting up an internet business, online business or website presence.

BBC The Apprentice’s Claire Young has written the Foreword and says: “Read this book cover to cover, before you even think or attempt to create a website! It is rare to find someone who can combine technical language with business needs and common sense.

Paula’s style is accessible, cheerful and no-nonsense. As Fiona Wright from Woman and Home says. ‘It feels like you’ve got a friendly, clever, we-savvy mate just chatting you through the techy, hard bits of setting up a website and creating an online business’. Read the full review by Families Magazine.

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