Bright Colours Briefcase

Bright Colours Briefcase

In iHubbub's mobile working road test we took Bright Colours briefcase for a whirl. If you're a lady who needs brightness and fun in your life along with a briefcase rather than a soft bag, Bright Colours is made for you.


This briefcase scored high for fun and flexibility. It is totally funky if you're into briefcases! Ample pockets for notepads, purse, keys and phone. Also spacious sections to include an iPad.

And it has all sorts of ways of carrying it - forget the old handle methods, see our mobile working road test to find several ways of getting this briefcase from A to Z.

Bright colours is the ideal briefcase for the fun and funky mobile worker

Colours - fuschia pink, electric green, deep violet  all with black interiors.

Cost - £39 plus p&p

Fabric - Faux leather in soft shell pvc with black nylon interior
Style -  Ffashionable briefcase, laptop bag, or businesslike carry case for anything

Pockets - ample pockets for adding notes and paperwork or documents.

Bulky items may not fit but slimliners such as a wad of business cards will fit in. The velcro straps inside hold a laptop snugly into place.

Bright colours is the ideal slimline briefcase for the fun and funky mobile worker with straps to hold a laptop securely

Space - although we're on the hunt for the ultimate mobile working bags we found the Bright Colours briefcase to have alternative uses, such as picnic items or dance class kit, shoes and towel.

If you're like some of our road testers and prefer to have 'hands-free' you could try some of the ways.

Read the full bright colours story to see what we did to this bag in our road tests.

iHubbub Quote:

Camberwell's bright colours will cheer you up when you have to get out and about on any winters day. Summer is all-round professional fun with this slimline durability for the hard core mobile worker.



Price: 7
Value: 6
User Friendly: 7