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The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang by John Ayto and John Simpson. There’s no end to the ‘mind-blowing’ power of Modern Slang. As a mouse is electronically wired to a laptop so too will this dictionary become an...


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CREATE A SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE is ideal for anyone who wants to create a website. It has been written for a range of different PROFESSIONAL CONSUMERS, such as artists, actors, sports personalities and even someone creating a...

Villa Radicata - the perfect home from home in Tuscany
Italy is an exotic land of castle towns, fishing villages, rolling hills with hidden medieval towns and lush olive and wine valleys. The area is breathtaking ....Tuscany must be one of the prettiest parts of Italy combining rolling hills, warm lush valleys and many massively pretty and historic towns.
Coolest Tool for iPad Workers
Portable just became well … portable. Since the inception of the iPad, people have been scrambling mad for gadgets and tools that make the iPad more useful and more portable.
Mu USB fold up charger for remote workers
Your portable devices follows you everywhere and if left at home in a rush or oversight will leave you in a fluster and having cold-turkey-palpitations, eager to get it back in your sticky paws. Sound familiar?
Stylus Pens for Touchscreens
Have you just bought a new iPhone or iPad and feel like your little fingers of past are now suddenly … fat! Struggle no more for Jot is here.
Bright Colours Briefcase for the busy start up home business owner
In iHubbub's mobile working road test we took Bright Colours briefcase for a whirl. If you're a lady who needs brightness and fun in your life along with a briefcase rather than a soft bag, Bright Colours is made for you.