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What started as a summer job eight years ago has become a life’s passion for Zac Ebert, the President of Coastal Pools, a pool maintenance and service company based in London, Ontario.

Zac started learning the ropes of the pool maintenance business for what he thought was going to be just a summer job at the time. He started with one of the largest pool maintenance service companies in London. Since then it has become a passion. “Over the years I have seen what joy that owning a private backyard pool means to families. I wanted more families to be able to enjoy that feeling.” says Zac.

He started with pool cleaning and chemical testing then worked his way up to pool openings, pool closings, and treating pools with chemical imbalances (when pools go green). Gradually he got to work on more difficult things like liner replacements, fixing and replacing pool heaters, pool pumps, and more.

Zac decided to start working with other companies in the London area. “Seeing some of the advanced techniques and different equipment being used I knew that I could grow on those and provide better, more efficient service to the area.” – said Zac. One example Zac brings up is using antifreeze in the pool lines during closing. Seeing the potential for water to be left in the lines even after a closing made it clear that an extra layer of protection is needed to offer proper pool closing services.

Zac has even expended on his services further. Having a great looking pool is one thing, but having dirty concrete around the pool doesn’t help the overall look of the pool. With that he decided to start offering concrete power washing of pool decks. This was so successful he added power washing of concrete driveways to their list of services. He says “People with pools often entertain. Helping my customers have a clean driveway and pool deck for their guests is just one more way that I can make my customers’ more enjoyable.”

In case you are curious Zac doesn’t just put his feet up and drink hot cocoa in the winter. The young energetic guy keeps busy by providing residential snow plowing for Arva and North Masonville, London home owners during the winter months. He can often be seen on Plane Tree and McGarnell Drive with his John Deere tractor. Zac’s innovative mind just wasn’t satisfied with the traditional metal snow blade. Zac’s semi-custom snow plowing vehicle has what looks like a traditional snow blade on one end, but Zac has engineered to add a strip of UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene). Most snow plow blades can wear down a driveway by the friction caused between the metal of the blade rubbing against the asphalt or cement material of the driveway. This magic man made polymer material has unique self-lubricating properties that provide a buffer between the two strong materials. “I first learned of the material when I worked for a few months at a surplus store. He was told about this cool Plastix (a brand of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) product that could lubricate itself to the point it was used by medical professionals to make artificial joints out of. A few years later when I needed something tough and self-lubricating I thought that this could fit the bill.

On the other end of his tractor Zac has fitted an industrial snow blower. During one year with a record snowfall Zac saw how other London, Ontario snow plowing companies simply pushed snow to the edge of the driveway and were struggling to move the new snow past the now hardened ice packed snow piles.

He thought that just running an industrial sized gas snow blower might be the answer. He did this for a year, but still wasn’t satisfied. After some experimentation he thought if he could combine it with the power of his tractor he could have the best of both worlds. Now for his customers he clears the snow off of their driveways onto the street. He then switches to his snow blowing mode to spread the snow across a much larger front lawn.

Zac enjoys serving his many customers. He feels freeing up his customers time gives them more time with their families. This makes him and his team feel like they are a valuable part of the Southwestern Ontario community.