Pimp My Site

Pimp My Site is a highly visual guide to show small businesses how to market themselves online through optimisation, search marketing, promotion, and social media.

It is a complete, do-it-yourself toolkit structured as a fourteen-day course. Rather than fry readers' circuits with a lot of jargon-heavy technical descriptions, Paula Wynne, a successful publicist, marketer and award-winning online entrepreneur, takes a show-and-tell approach.

Her step-by-step descriptions are concise and in plain English, and each step is illustrated with vivid screenshots and illustrations, making the coverage eminently digestible, even for complete novices.

From keywords and YouTube to search marketing and optimization, Pimp My Site offers much for beginners and advanced users alike.

In Pimp My Site, Paula Wynne shows and tells beginners and advanced users complete do–it–yourself digital marketing with keywords, YouTube, search marketing,  optimization, emailing & PR.

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Pimp My Site: The DIY Guide to SEO, Search Marketing, Social Media and Online PR


You'll find the following in the book:Pimp My Site, the ultimate digital marketing guide to optimise, promote and market your website through online marketing tools

  • Notable experts describe, in their own words, quick, easy techniques for driving traffic to your site and achieving online success
  • An excellent do-it-yourself resource for complete beginners as well as experienced users looking to plug a few holes in their online marketing know-how
  • Provides practical coverage of all important trends and technologies, including optimization, search marketing, social media, YouTube, keywords, email marketing, and more.


Pimp My Site Reviews

‘Easy to read, understand and implement’ Irish TatlerPimp My Site, the ultimate digital marketing guide to optimise, promote and market your website through online marketing tools


‘From Search Marketing right through to PR and Optimisation, this book is a must-have for anyone confronting the challenge of pimping a website’,  Karen Hanton, MBE, founder of toptable.com


As a small home business starting out as the recession hit the UK, Paula Wynne, Co-Founder of iHubbub experienced the financial constraints that every small business startup, entrepreneur, and independent business working on a shoestring has to juggle.

Instead of waiting to afford the valuable digital marketing resource needed for her business, Paula taught herself everything she could about keywords, optimization and online search marketing.

Paula's many years of PR and offline marketing experience paid dividends and boosted her website growth, working in tandem with her new-found skill in SEO. And soon enough, her other online venture, Remote Employment became Google’s No 1 in the world for flexible home based jobs.

Paula Wynne is now an award-winning online entrepreneur, women’s ambassador, speaker and author. She  is co-founder of Remote Employment, a specialist job board dedicated to remote and home working, and the organiser of the Remote Worker Awards, in association with BT.

Paula is also the organizer of the unique and popular Remote Worker Awards and is a SEEDA Women’s Enterprise Ambassador. www.paulawynne.com

Paula is currently developing a new portal for the home business community – iHubbub, where she plans to create the largest database of global home workers and home based businesses as well as virtual contractors and freelance consultants who work from home.  Paula is the author of Creating a Successful Website.

Published by Capstone, December 2011: ISBN 978-0-85708-242-8, Paperback Original, £12.99


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