Online Shop Pricing Comparison

Setting up an online shop is a great way to make some extra cash. If you don't have money or time or resources to set up your own online shop you can take advantage of the many sites that do offer a free online shop, just like iHubbub's free online shop for you to sell your items.

Whether you're starting up a home business selling your own products, or simply sourcing other items to make some cash on eBay there are loads of great ways to turn a profit.

Find out how you can get your own online free shop!

What you need to remember: sites that allow you to sell through them are looking to turn a profit themselves too. There are lots of charges involved when you look closely.

To make it easier for you to decide which site is best for you we've compiled a comparison table below.  

What Online Shops Charge

Here is a general pricing guide - please note that the details and prices were correct at the time of publishing, but please check them out for yourself if you intend to use any of them.

Some sites also charge extra fees for other benefits; i.e. placing your adverts in a featured position etc. We have not included these in our comparison.

*Please note: where sites have different charges for private and business sellers, we have used business sellers to make our comparison.*

  iHubbub Amazon Ebay





Joining Fee × × × × × ×
Monthly subscription ×  
 Varies  × × ×
Listing Fee ×   Varies  × ×  ×
Custom Shop Fee × × × × × ×
Images Fee × × × × × × ×
Commission Charged  5%* Varies  Varies  20%  25%  3%    3.5%

* iHubbub normally takes a 10% commission, but during our iStore launch, we are only taking a 5% commission.