Father Techie-Christmas Comes Early To Oxford

Father Techie-Christmas Comes Early To Oxford

United Kingdom

Father Techie-Christmas will be visiting mum of two, Caroline Scotter Mainprize, from Oxford, early this year as he lands his sleigh laden with tech kit in her home office.

Caroline, who works at home running her PR business CSM Communications, has several academic and tech clients, but admits to being ‘totally behind’ in the tech world.

Recently becoming equipped with a smartphone has transformed Caroline’s life and when she saw all the techie goodies on offer in iHubbub’s tech make over competition she raced to enter.

Even though Caroline’s surname is Mainprize, she has never ever won anything in her life. The closest she ever came to some freebies was when she was once given a few Ovaltine samples.

So when Caroline was told of her win, she yelled like mad and said: ‘You wouldn’t believe how excited I am! When I looked at the long list of prizes iHubbub had on offer, I didn’t even know some of these things existed.’

Caroline’s office only has a desktop tower after her laptop was stolen. She feels she is at the basic level of tech kit, yet she is often talking with high-end techie guys about how she can promote their businesses.

This prize, worth more than £750, will kick-start Caroline into a higher level of technical ability. Her smart phone has given her an insight into how much more effectively she could work.

Caroline is determined to maximise on her big techie win and she said: ‘This fantastic prize will help me to concentrate on growing my business rather than being held back.’

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Caroline's desk is shown below - watch this space to see her new techie desk when she has received her prizes from Father Techie-Christmas!

caroline scotter mainprize wins a techie make over

Editor Notes:

Editor’s Notes
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