Father Techie-Christmas Comes Early To Birmingham

Father Techie-Christmas Comes Early To Birmingham

United Kingdom

Father Techie-Christmas will be visiting Fiona Cohn, from Birmingham, early this year as he lands his sleigh laden with tech kit in her home office.

Fiona, who works at home running her business coaching and mentoring business Excel:arate, admits to feeling un-techie, but in reality she is probably more techie-able that she believes. This is because she says she has no patience for learning new technical skills, yet once she is shown how to do it, she normally manages fine.

Fiona said: ‘If I don’t understand something I am anxious to do it on my own in case I break something or lose important information, but when I am shown the right way, I’m absolutely fine.’

Recently becoming equipped with a smartphone has hugely improved the way she manages her business and life and when she saw all the techie goodies on offer in iHubbub’s tech make over competition she wanted some of the exciting pieces of kit on her desk.

Fiona is very excited to be a finalist and said: ‘I am not one who has to have all the new shiny tech-toys. Technology is an enabler and this long list of prizes iHubbub has on offer, will enable me to do my job better. Winning these technical prizes will make me much more efficient in providing help for other small business owners.’

Fiona’s home office is without all the shiny new toys she will soon receive from iHubbub’s prize sponsors and she cannot wait to give her office a new tech look.

This prize, worth more than £550, will kick-start Fiona into a higher level of technical ability. Her smart phone has given her an insight into how much more effectively she could work.
Fiona is determined to maximise on her big techie win, she said: ‘I’m absolutely delighted! As a relatively new business winning this prize comes as an investment to my business that I otherwise would struggle to make.  It will make a huge difference to me to have new, fit for purpose technology to improve the way I work and help me give my clients an even better experience.  It’s very exciting to win something – but winning something that can make a real difference is even more valuable.’

iHubbub offers home businesses and freelancers the chance to sell their products and services in their free online shop, such as the business mentoring Fiona has on offer: http://ihubbub.com/istore/fiona-cohn-excelarate/business-coaching-mentoring

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Fiona’s profile can be seen at http://ihubbub.com/fiona-cohn-excelarate. For more information on selling products or services aimed at home business owners take a look at http://ihubbub.com/istore

Fiona's desk is shown below, watch this space to see her new make over home office full of techie kit!

fiona cohn from excelarate wins 2nd prize in tech make over competiton