Does Home Working Improve Your Love Life?

Does Home Working Improve Your Love Life?

United Kingdom

Britain’s fastest social networking community for home-business entrepreneurs,  iHubbub, is running a survey to find out if home working improves their member’s love life.  

iHubbub’s home business network is keen to find out the all-important question ‘Does home working improve your love life?’.

Founders of iHubbub, Ken Sheridan and Paula Wynne will find out if members use their time working together at home to improve their relationship.

Along with finding out favourite rooms for some daytime home working ‘fun’, many eyebrows may rise when asked if they would ever answer the phone if it rang (from an important client) during a quick ‘bedroom time out’!

Some home business entrepreneurs might say they don't believe that home business couples have a better love life because they work together and get bored with each other, or end up flat out exhausted from having the other around.

Paula (author of the bestselling book, Pimp My Site) said: “As a husband and wife team Ken and I find this completely the opposite. Instead of being bored with each other, we look forward to spending quality leisure time together. We’re keen to find out if other home business couples are frazzled by working together or if it improves their relationship.’

Within the 4.5m home-businesses in the UK, male and female home-business start-up entrepreneurs often seek help and guidance from iHubbub’ business advice magazine.

Along with entering the survey the applicants stand a chance in the lucky draw to win some ‘passion’ time with steamy nights at Zamzam Raid and Spa in Marrakech, short hotel breaks within the UK at Luton Hoo Hotel and Bristol Hotel and a memory foam mattress from the Memory Foam Warehouse.

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