Mobile Working Tools

iHubbub is all about mobile working!

If your home business or freelance consultancy is always on the hop, take a look at our mobile working tools below.


Adonit Writer - Coolest Tool for iPad Workers

Portable just became well … portable.

Since the inception of the iPad, people have been scrambling mad for gadgets and tools that make the iPad more useful and more portable.

Keep Your Tools Charged

Your portable devices follows you everywhere and if left at home in a rush or oversight will leave you in a fluster and having cold-turkey-palpitations, eager to get it back in your sticky paws.

Sound familiar?

Stylus Pens for Touchscreens

Have you just bought a new iPhone or iPad and feel like your little fingers of past are now suddenly … fat! Struggle no more for Jot is here.

Bright Colours Briefcase

In iHubbub's mobile working road test we took Bright Colours briefcase for a whirl. If you're a lady who needs brightness and fun in your life along with a briefcase rather than a soft bag, Bright Colours is made for you.

Aztech Laptop Sleeve and Wheelie Briefcase

In our mobile working bags road test, we took two of Carlton's Aztec Briefcases on the road, put them through their paces and quite frankly ... gave them a grilling.

Berghaus Mobile Bags and Briefcases

We were on the hunt for bags and briefcases for our mobile working members - see the fanatastic range of mobile bags we road tested!

Solar Powered Backpack

Ever thought a solar powered backpack to charge your essential devices on-the-go would be a great new invention?

Mia Tui Bags

We're mad for Mia Tui's exceptional bags for trendy businesswomen and start-up entrepreneurs. Has everything you need in the way of comfort and style. Carries everything you need for a busy or relaxed day on the go. Very accessible to slide hands in and out to get glasses, keys, iPad, phone and what nots.