Writing Effective Product Title Keywords For Your Online Shop

Online selling is not just about putting up a few odd items and then sitting back and watching the sales come rolling in. Selling your items in online shops takes a little more time and elbow grease than that.

Think about the last time you took a break from setting up your home business to hunt for something on eBay. What did you put in the search box? I’m willing to bet you put in just a word or a short phrase didn’t you?

This type of keyword search is crucial to successful selling on eBay – if somebody is looking for a lampshade, they will type in exactly that: ‘lampshade’ as opposed to a category; i.e. ‘home lighting accessory’.

When you are writing your product title you must always keep in mind how people are going to find your item; what are the important keywords that people will be searching for? 

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writing good titles for your online shop items

Online Shop Items Research

You can do some research in this area – find some similar listed products with lots of bids, or closed listings which sold at a good price and see which keywords they’ve used in their titles. Do the opposite as well – scroll down the pages to find the ones that aren’t selling, and compare them to the successful ones – what are the differences?

You can then follow the examples of the high performers and advertise your item in a similar way. Notice that I said ‘in a similar way’, not ‘in an identical way’…eBay will notice if you write a direct copy of somebody else’s listing, and yours will get taken down! 

(Quick note: this online selling research is also helpful when deciding which category to place your item in – you want it to be in the most successful one, so again, go with the ones that are already selling well. Of course, there may be more than one category that your item suits, so to reach the maximum number of buyers you can consider listing it in more than one.)

Every Word Counts In Online Shop Titles

You have up to 55 characters to describe your item which isn’t very many, so every word you choose is vital. You need to include brand names, sizes and colours, and also whether the item is new or vintage.  Leave out unnecessary words such as ‘lovely’, ‘perfect’ or anything chatty to attract attention like ‘Hey!’ Nobody will be searching using that type of language, so you’re just wasting words. 

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Let’s try an example. If somebody is looking for a pair of pyjamas for their child, they are not going to want to sift through every pair that is for sale on the site to find the correct size or style. So in the search box they are likely to use basic keywords such as: ‘boy’s pyjamas 2 -3 years’. They might even want to be more specific and include a colour, or a specific brand, like Thomas the Tank Engine.

So if your title only includes the keywords ‘boys’ and ‘pyjamas’ you may well get overlooked. A title such as ‘brand new boys pyjamas 2-3 years Fireman Sam green’ is going to cover people looking for any style of pyjamas as well as those looking specifically for Fireman Sam.

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Useful Links For Online Shops

eBay has a very useful page which can be found by clicking on the ‘Buy’ tab, at the top of any page. Scroll right to the bottom, and the link ‘eBay Keywords’ is on the left-hand side. This gives you a list of search terms that are used frequently by eBay customers. You can modify your own listings to include these, if they’re appropriate to your sale.

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