Why Networking Is Vital For Home Business Start-ups

As a home business owner, you are the spokesperson for your own business, and the success of your company is ultimately down to you.  You never know who could be your next customer which is why networking is so vital, especially for a fledgling or start-up company.

Every meeting should be seen as a potential future customer, so you need to have your best business face on and really sell yourself and your services. Guest Writer Lucy Cooney explains more.

The same is true for remote or home workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs, as the only person who can win you business and customers is you. It’s really important to never sell yourself short and to understand the significance of networking.

Why Networking Is Vital For Home Business Start-ups

Networking can not only gain you valuable leads, but often useful contacts who, although they may not be future customers, could offer helpful advice, contacts and experience that could see your company succeed.

It’s a fantastic way to generate more work and revenue for your home business start-up and enables you to get your brand out into the world much more quickly than if you were just leaving it to chance.

Networking is also a great opportunity to make a name for yourself in the local business community. What better place to start than on your doorstep? Not only that but meeting others in the same position as you can be a great comfort and driver to help motivate you and move your business forward.

Sharing your experiences with others who know what you’re going through can be a great way to pick up new ideas, or find answers to problems you’ve faced in the day to day running of your business. This can also help to combat the feelings of isolation and loneliness that can come with working from home, especially if you have previously been used to working in offices or within a team.


Connect Online

Many local business networking groups now also have online forums or groups on social networks such as LinkedIn, meaning there are even more ways to connect with other like-minded people. Of course it’s great to get out there and meet people face-to-face, but in the meantime using online groups such as these is always a good start. Many people post queries on the groups or forums and if you’re able to help and respond it’s a brilliant way to connect with others, and people will be much more likely to want to help you in the future if you have helped them.

It’s another way to get yourself and your business or brand noticed, and can help you to get seen as the go-to person when someone has a similar query related to your industry, which is always going to be good for business!

In the modern world there are so many different ways to get your message across, but there really is no consolation for meeting people face-to-face and really showing your passion and knowledge for the business you’re in. Sometimes the old tactics really are the most effective!

 This article was written by Lucy Cooney, who runs drop-in networking group Business Buzz, winner of the Federation of Small Businesses’ Networking Group of the Year 2013.

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