Warning: Working From Home Can Affect Your Health

Working from home has a great number of healthy positive aspects to it, but without the input of larger companies' health and safety teams, could there be a point at which you may be affecting your well-being?

Opinions regarding home or remote working vary greatly with many believing that the ability to work in a family environment can be beneficial whilst others believe it can bring unnecessary stress to the entire household.

The potential working from home health repercussions are often left unacknowledged, which if not managed correctly can quickly turn your way of life from a godsend into a nightmare.

Instead of giving your body a warning jolt, give yourself some Mommy Time Out!

Read this quick guide from Guest Writer, Adam Howard, and stay healthy and happy when you're working from home!

Stay healthy and happy when you're working from home!

Work From Home Stress

Work can be stressful wherever you are, but can working from home increase these levels?

Stress, although not always considered dangerous, can lead to innumerable amounts of illnesses and ailments ranging from headaches and migraines all the way through to heart disease so it must not be taken lightly.

If done correctly I believe taking work home can be a massive step forward in improving your well-being.

Let's face it, there are huge benefits for a healthy home working lifestyle.

However you must have ground rules which will prevent any unnecessary complications which could lead to stress. These should include:


Planning Your Home Working Time

Organising where and what your time should be spent doing will hopefully eradicate any uncertainty. It will give clear guidelines and time-scales in which you should be completing any given tasks.

By having set times you will not be rushing around at 2am trying to get that last piece of work completed for the following morning. Doing this only leads to substandard work which your home business clients will surely notice.


Working In A Quiet Home Office 

If your family are running around creating quite a racket, there is a high probability that you will not be able to concentrate. This could lead to arguments within your home (which nobody wants) and a rather tension-filled atmosphere. Experts believe that working in surroundings that are not ideal can significantly inhibit the human brains ability to function fully. 

Take full advantage of iHubbub's guide to healthy home working habits.

Repetitive Home Working Strain

A repetitive strain injury usually affects people who spend large amounts of time using a keyboard and mouse - something many start-up business owners have to do. It occurs owed to the strain caused by repeating a motion over and over again.

This progressive illness can often be extremely debilitating and can turn simple everyday tasks from working at home and then going on to do home chores, such as washing the dishes - turning them into painful chores.

Rest is also very important for a healthy home working body!


To reduce the chances of developing a RSI it is advisable to set up your home working station correctly. One of the most common faults that we make is attempting to work with our computers on our laps.

Incorrect posture will often increase the strain that you are putting on your hands and wrists. Poor posture will also put strain on your back and can cause injury.

Make sure your home office desk and chair are at the correct height for your maximum comfort. If you are worried that you may be prone to a repetitive strain injury it may be wise to invest in some ergonomic wrist rests for your mouse and keyboard. 

Recharge Your Business Batteries

And also very important for a healthy home working body? Rest! Tempting as it is to work into the wee small hours to earn more income you also need to have time to relax and recuperate, to ensure your batteries are fully charged for the next home business day!

When you are planning your home business' workload, make sure you also plan some 'me time' out for you and your family - that way you can return to your start-up raring to go!

Adam Howard writes for Atrium Legal.  

Atrium's aim is to help people stay healthy whilst at work. Their blog gives advice and information on avoiding injury and illness at work, but also covers areas such as stress, sleep and weight loss.

Unfortunately not everyone is able to preserve their health and when this is the case Atrium also offer legal advice in making work claims for compensation against their employer.

In this case your employer may be ... um ... you.

So take Adam's advice and get well rested and be sure you take every tip to staying healthy when running your own business from home!

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