Running A Home Based Business Improved Gillian's Heart Condition

While working as a Receptionist and Admin Assistant Gillian Robson, from Winlaton Mill in Tyne and Wear, was taken ill with high blood pressure. 

Unbeknownst to her Gillian had actually suffered two minor heart attacks!

Needless to say the decision to run her own business from home would be the best option for both her health and financial needs.

home working improves healthy hearts

With two young children to take care of and also recently been through a divorce as well as poor health, Arise was the answer to all Gillian’s prayers.

She could choose the hours she wanted to do and could be flexible in which hours of the day she chose to be operational.

Home Business Health Monitor

For Gillian, creating her own home business to partner with Arise rather than working through someone else’s allowed her to assist people to experience the choice and freedom that she had experienced, offering support to any one of the other Client Support Professionals (CSP).

Gillian has not missed the interaction with other people that a traditional office setting would provide.

Running her own home based business still allows Gillian to have a coffee and a chat during a break in the comfort of her own home using the phone. She said that you’re speaking to people you really do like and are not just using office protocol and being polite.

Gillian said: “I don’t recall in previous jobs on a warm sunny day being able to finish work, take a coffee and go and sit in the garden with people who have become a big part of my everyday life."

She works on a Warranty Client account via her Independent Business, Start Right Virtual Solutions Ltd.

Appealing Home Business Results

What really appealed the most to Gillian about partnering with Arise (over other home business options) was the word of mouth.

She has a great friend who lives in the USA and when she asked him if he had heard of Arise.

He gave her a high recommendation about running a home based business from home with Arise. Coming from someone you trust, Gillian believes that this is the best advert for any business.

Working for Arise impacted on Gillian’s life in a great way. Her health is much better and she loves the work she does, but the best part for her is all is the people she works with.

If Gillian hadn’t signed up to become an Arise agent, Gillian feels her health would have deteriorated so badly that she may not be here to tell her story!

Gillian said: “Arise has a fantastic support network and there are only good things to be gained and new things to be learned. I would advise anyone who is looking to jump on board to do so because Arise UK is going places and they are here to stay.

Now Gillian has been a qualified Arise agent for the past five years and still loving every minute of running her own business from home!

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