Researching Home Based Franchises

If you are considering starting up a home based franchise then the keyword is research, research, research!

You need to differentiate between those that are legitimate, and those that are trying to scam you, so ensure you check yours is a genuine opportunity for a good home business franchise.

You'll probably want to take a good poke around our Home Based Franchise section to see which franchise working from home suits you best.

 home based franchises

Home Based Franchises Starting Point

Once you have found a franchisor that you're interested in , do some background research on them first. Ensure you have working contact details for the company, see how long they've been around and contact the Better Business Bureau to see if anybody has complained about them. 

If you can speak to a couple of existing franchisees about their experiences then you'll have a realistic idea of what working with the franchisor would be like.

Something to watch out for: if the company tells you that you will be able to make a ton of money fast then don't even consider investing in them! A good franchisor will be realistic about the money you can make over a period of time.


Final Check

When you have chosen the field that’s right for you, and ensured the company is legitimate then you should do one final check that you are doing the right thing, by going through the pros and cons of running your own home based franchise:


  • Lower start-up costs and overheads – You won’t need to rent out office or storage space as you can work in your own home office.
  • Flexible working hours – You are your own boss and in most cases can choose your working hours. 
  • Choose the amount of time you put in – With many franchises you can start out part-time, and grow to full-time later on if you choose.
  • Get to know your clients – Starting off small means that you are able to add the personal touch to your dealings with clients who may then recommend you to others.



  • Keeping things separate – You will be working and living in the same place. It can be hard to stay focused when your personal life is just beyond your home office door.
  • Being responsible for everything – You will be the boss of your home based franchise, but that means you will be doing not just the work but the administration that keeps it all going. You might want to get on with selling for example, but the books need doing too!
  • Having nobody to cover for you – When you are running a one-man show then if you stop, so does your home business.

Once you've done some thorough research you should be ready to take that first exciting step and start up your home based franchise!


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