Pet Care Home Based Franchises

People who love their pets want the best for them when they can’t be at home, and there has been a rise in the number of companies who can provide this.

Think of all iHubbub's home business entrepreneurs who have home working pets - but when they go out to business meetings they need someone to walk their dog or pop in to check on them and feed them if necessary.

All easy things you can do while working from home with your own home based pet care franchise!

home based Pet Care Franchise

The Family Pooch Index’s research shows that an average family with a dog spends £15,000 every 10 years on it! The UK’s pet sector is worth £3 billion plus. 

Read on to find out whether a Pet Care Franchise is the home based franchise for you!


  • This is a great way for animal lovers to spend time with pets and earn some money; especially good if you are unable to have a pet of your own.
  • Animal care is a growing industry; there should be lots of people in your local area with pets that need attention when their owners are away and need services including petsitting and pet washes.
  • You can have the best of both worlds; the admin side can be run out of your home office, whilst you also get to go out and about visiting your clients. 


  • Ensuring that each pet you look after is well cared for can take a long time – you may have to start early in the day and finish late. There might be a lot of cleaning up to do after them as well.
  • If you arrange to walk several dogs a day then you will be out of the house for long periods of time; possibly not what you were looking for with a home based franchise.


What Skills Do You Need?  

This will depend on the type of franchise. Often, having an interest in animals will be enough for you to get started, for others you might need to have professional experience in petsitting. Basic business skills are also a must to keep on top of that side of things. A good starting point can involve a range of discount pet care services.

Are You Suitable?

You obviously need to have a passion for working with animals; no client will want to entrust their beloved pets to somebody who is blatantly uninterested in their welfare.

You may also need to enjoy working without human interaction, as you will spend more time with animals than with people.


Approximate Level Of Investment

You could invest less than £15,000 for a pet care franchise, and you probably won’t need much (if any) extra equipment so your overheads will be low.

If you're now ready to start those tails wagging then take the next step to starting up a franchise!

And if you're already dead keen to buy your own home based franchise, take a look at our businesses for sale.

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