No More Working For The Weekend

Instead Save Money and Time By Working from Home

With people facing increased stress due to hectic live-styles the growing population is choosing to work from home as a way to have more control over their schedule. Working at home also has many benefits like more free time thanks to the elimination of a morning and evening commute, saving money and the elimination of the need to be dressed in appropriate business attire each day.

Can working from home fit into your unique life? Alan Bryan found seven ways it can benefit any lifestyle ... never mind his own.

Even dads work from home to help out with flexible working around the family

Vehicle And Travel Expenses

Eliminating the daily drive to the office on a regular basis, eliminates major car related expenses. One of the biggest savings is the amount you'll spend on petrol. Less wear and tear on your vehicle will save you on maintenance costs.

As you'll be driving less, you may qualify for low mileage discounts on your car insurance or other insurance provider. Driving less makes you less of a risk to the insurance company— ask your insurance provider about any possible savings.


Working from home allows you to omit thoughts regarding your proximity to your employer. You have the opportunity to move to another part of the city where housing costs are less expensive.


Staying at home all day means you could spend your working time in your pajamas! Since causal clothes are your new work attire, you can get rid of the majority of your business wardrobe since you won't be using it.

Clean out your closets and earn a little extra cash by listing your clothes on eBay or holding a garage sale. For the future you won't be in the market for pricey business suits and shiny new shoes, or the upkeep they require, so you'll be able to pocket a little more of your salary each month.


You may have had the good intentions of taking a bagged lunch to work, you probably forgot and ended up spending several dollars a day on buying lunches. When you work at home, there's no reason not to look into your fridge before purchasing daily meals or calling for take-outs.

You'll be able to eat wholesome inexpensive foods for all of your meals. Your new schedule should allow you time to go to the store to shop, saving money on fast-food on those nights when you were too exhausted to prepare a meal.

Office Related Events

Although you won't have face-to-face contact and interaction with colleagues when you work from home you may be a lot more productive in the absence on distractions and meetings.

Tax Benefits

Working from home allows you pay less in taxes due to using your home as your work space. Benefits will vary depending on your situation. An article from Savings Guide says that you may be able to claim rent, telephone, electricity, insurance and equipment as some of your deductions. Talk to your accountant and keep accurate records so that you can find out exactly how much you'll be able to save and take advantage of this benefit.

Child Care

Parents who struggle to pick up children in time and are forced to pay hefty overtime penalties at pre-schools and schools will find the flexibility of working from home can save a lot of money. Freelancers and self-employed workers using their home as their office may want to use child care, a nanny or babysitter to allow complete focus on their work.

Alan Bryan was born and raised near Silicon Valley.  Alan's parent's had high hopes for him. Those hopes did not include gaming. Fortunately, Alan was able to channel his love of gaming into a career as a journalist...focusing on gaming. Both Alan and his parents have accepted this compromise.

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