Nabila Sharma's Book 'Brutal'

Read about how Nabila overcame one of life's most daunting challenges in order to turn her life around - a lesson in self-motivation and perseverance.

Brutal is the shocking, revelatory and heart-rending account of one girl’s plight in a society where honour and shame are a matter of life and death. It is a tale of innocence lost and a life shattered, but above all it is a tale of survival, of a young girl who found love and hope in the darkest of places.

iHubbub got in touch with Nabila Sharma to find out more about her quest for making right this wrong and mostly for Nabila to share her experiences with others.

Nabila Sharma tells iHubbub's authors about writing her book Brutal


The Back Story

He was my religious teacher. I should have been able to trust him. But he made me do unspeakable things…

At seven years old, Nabila Sharma began her lessons at the mosque as every good Muslim girl does. But from the minute she looked up at her Imam, the man who held her spiritual future in his hands, she knew something was wrong.

Over the next five years Nabila’s life became unbearable. While she was behind the doors of the mosque, the most sacred of places, the Imam brutally molested her on the slightest whim. Each day he would make her perform unspeakable acts, physically and mentally torturing her into compliance, to fulfil his perverse desires.

Nothing would stop him; no plea would make him relent. But he was a respected member of the community, trusted by everyone; if Nabila cried for help she would risk the honour of her family, an unthinkable act. There was nowhere she could turn, no one she could talk to. As a young Muslim girl, Nabila was powerless.


Midlands, UK

When Did You Start Up

The story is about my childhood in the 1980's but I never dreamed of telling my story until just a couple of years ago when I went to see a counsellor and was able to talk about my experiences and then I started reading other peoples book so this made me want to tell my story.

Why And How You Got Started

I simply felt the time was right to talk about my life and I wanted to help others in the same situation. I went onto the internet and looked up Sales agents and found Eve.

I contacted her with a list of potential chapter titles simply to map out the basic points of my life.

She got in touch and introduced me to the ghost writer. I spent months on the telephone to the ghost every week simply talking about my life. She would then send me a chapter every week or so for me to review.

Biggest Challenge

The publication went very smooth but the biggest challenge has been since the book came out. I tried so hard to get reviews and interviews for the books release, but because it's a book about Muslims and abuse, everyone is too scared to talk about it.

In the six months since it's release I have been fortunate within the Asian market at getting reviews and interviews but it has taken so much work.  

Advice For Other Home Businesses Or Authors

If it's important to you then just keep trying.

Best Part Of Your Day

Waking up to the man who helped put me back together and supports me in everything that I do.

Who Inspires You

I'm inspired by other authors who are brave enough to talk about their ordeals.

What's Next

Dear Nabila Problem Page with Asian World Newspaper, Feature Film of Brutal, Theatre Production Of Brutal, Children s Book, Conclusion Book to Brutal.

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