Internet Home Based Franchises

Always wanted to work from home and can't find the right home business idea to get you started?

Try working from home with an internet online home based franchise.

There are hundreds of different online businesses that you can get involved with. What you will be doing depends entirely on what kind of home based franchise business it is.

You might be selling a product or products, utilising a particular skill on a consultancy basis or managing other types of services. Generally the technical side of the business will be controlled by the franchisor, although you may be given training for specifics.

Try working from home with an internet online home based franchise

If you are happy to spend most of your time in your home office, then an internet home based franchise might be the one for you!


  • Very little space or equipment is needed; often a desk and a computer in your home office is all you will need. You will have very low overheads.
  • Many online businesses need no specific prior experience.



  • A massive part of an online business is ensuring that people actually see the products or services that you are offering, and this can be hard to achieve.
  •  If there is a need to gain traffic then your franchisor should be showing you how.
  • If you’re used to spending your days surrounded by people then working by yourself in a small office might be hard to get used to. Can you handle the isolation?


What Skills Do You Need?

Understanding basic computer systems and a knowledge of the internet will be helpful to you, but there are many opportunities available where no experience is necessary, and your franchisor will train you in everything you need to make a success of it.

Are You Suitable?

You have to make this decision depending on what kind of business you’ll be running. You can ask yourself however if you are you able to motivate yourself and work well on your own; if so then that’s a good step in this direction.


Approximate Level of Investment

There is a huge range of required investments for online businesses, depending on the area that you are interested in. Some may require an investment of under £10,000, others may ask for over £20,000.  

If you think that working online is for you then why not consider starting a franchise?

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