Inkjet Printer Versus Laser Printer

There is often a toss up between buying an inkjet or laser printer for your home office.

When selecting a printer, you'll want to compare a few important items as we have shown below.

But before we show you how our two selected printers compared and competed, let's just clarify exactly what is an inkjet printer and what is a laser printer.

Both laser and inkjet printers allow you to print professional-looking documents, such as marketing materials or financial sheets or images from your home office.


What Is A Laser Printer?

The advantage that Laser Printer have is that they are now much cheaper than ever before.

You'll get:

  • Speed: A laser printer churns out pages faster than inkjets
  • Low cost: With only one tone cartridge, laser printers toners will be less per page than replacing inkjet printer cartridges over a given period of time
  • Quieter Noise Levels: Normally laser printers are quieter than low-cost inkjet printers, you know those clunky ones from Noah's Ark ...
  • Text Quality: It is said that no inkjet printer - no matter how much you pay for it - will ever turn out black text and line graphics as crisp as a laser printer.

What Is An Inkjet Printer?

The advantages you'll get from an Inkjet Printer:

  • Sadly, most inkjet printers are still much cheaper than laser printers, but take a look at the prices of the two printers compared below which contradicts this statement
  • Versatile: colour inkjets are able to print much more than mono laser printers
  • Inkjet printing is a type of computer printing that creates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto paper, plastic, or other substrates. Inkjet printers are the most commonly used type of printer. Inkjet printers use ink cartridges for their printing
  • Size matters: some inkjets are smaller than lasers, but read about our experience below.


home office inkjet printer versus laser printer

KYOCERA’s New FS-1061DN Mono Laser Printer 

Part of this entry-level monochrome printer and MFP range, is designed to meet the needs of SOHO and SME environments.

The FS-1061DN has a very small footprint, a low purchase price and the lowest cost per page in its class. It features a durable print drum that can produce up to 100,000 prints and the toner is simply replaced, eliminating the need for cartridge exchange and reducing environmental impact.

This laser printer is exceptionally useful for homebusiness owners who need reliability and performance yet where space is at a premium.

Developed to meet the needs of customers who want affordable laser printers which are both unobtrusive and intuitive to use, this new monochrome range offers quality black and white laser printing at up to 25ppm and reduced running costs at a very economical price. Each device offers great value for money, which is ideal in the current climate.

KYOCERA Laser Printer Features:

  • The compact and highly economical FS-1061DN is the first to market with a dedicated Quiet Mode button.
  • The printer is very user-friendly with a simple control panel on the printers which has just three buttons – Start, Stop and Quiet.
  • The printer driver’s straightforward interface gives direct access to basic settings such as orientation and duplex (double-sided) printing.
  • KYOCERA's Client Tool allows users to check toner levels and view or change a print job’s status.

KYOCERA Printer Review

This printer is an exceptional piece of kit for the home office. Running a home office ourselves, we understand about all the things that matter when choosing a printer: budget, space, networking and reliability.

The KYOCERA  FS-1061DN really shines in all these areas.

1. Affordable Printers

Firstly, it is an affordable printer for someone starting up a new business or needing to replace an older machine that is grinding to a halt on its printing rollers. If you're used to inkjet printers and in particular the cheaper end of the printing market, you'll get a shock at the printer cartridges prices for a laser printer. So factor this in when you decide between an inkjet or laser printer.

2. Space Saving Printers

Secondly, you'd imagine that an inkjet would be smaller than a laser. Not so in the case of these two printers we reviwed in our comparison between inkjet printers and laser printers. The KYOCERA is only slightly larger than most inkjets, whereas the fancy HP Inkjet mentioned below was huge and took up a big chunk of my home office.

3. Networking Your Printers

Thirdly, networking is important so that everyone in your start up home business can send their documents straight to the networked printer via some clever piece of kit such as the TP Link TL-SG 105. We simply plugged in the networking cable into the KYOCERA, and then into the TP Link, checked the networking settings and anyone could printer. Even the home office pets could send their latest pet pooch images to print via their home office kennel ...

4. Printing Reliability

Lastly, the KYOCERA has proved to be a reliable and trustworthy little addition to the home office tech family. With duplicate printing it simply turns the pages for you and prints both sides, it also gives you the choice of only needing black and white rather than always using your colour cartridges.

Where To Buy The KYOCERA Mono Laser Printer

RRP inc VAT £159.60
Buy Link:


HP Officejet Pro X Printer 

The Officejet Pro X is the world’s fastest desktop printer as certified by Guinness World Records.

HP Officejet Pro Features:

  • Powered by HP PageWide Technology—the company’s next-generation inkjet platform—the HP Officejet Pro X Series can deliver high-quality professional documents at up to 70 pages per minute (ppm)
  • The HP Officejet Pro X Series colour printers deliver up to twice the speed and half the printing cost compared with laser printers.
  • Designed to meet the demanding and unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the HP Officejet Pro X is revolutionising business printing by increasing productivity, reducing costs and promoting the value of inkjet technology in the workplace.

HP Printer Review

As above we compared budget, space, networking and reliability. We really liked the touch screen feature on this inkjet, which allows even the non-savvy printer to 'walk their fingers' through setting up, troubleshooting and other issues that may crop up. The touch screen also helps you through things like scanning and makes the job so much quicker because you simply tap the images or instructions on the screen and away you print.

It gives you the option to add your USB right alongside so no muscle needed to shunt the printer around to get at the USB in the back, which so many printers have - not sure why as it seems odd to have the USB port in the back when clearly it should be up front and easily accesible.

1. Affordable Printers

Firstly, the cost of this printer ranges from £385 to £563 so a hefty price for a small start up business!

If you're buying 4 x colour cartridges for your inkjet compare that to the one cartridge of a laser may be more expensive depending on the printer or if could save you money over the long term in that you only need one cartridge that lasts a lot longer than the four colour toners of an inkjet.

2. Space Saving Printers

In our opinion the HP Inkjet printer is rather large for a home office. Ken and I both work out of different spare rooms. My office is larger (but doesn't get the full day sun!) and his office is brighter yet smaller. We tried this printer in both offices and while it made me feel a bit squashed in the large roomy space I work in, it quite simply daunted Ken's office. In comparison, the KYOCERA takes up a little corner and is networked so both of us can use it.

3. Networking Your Printers

Thirdly, as above we were able to send their documents straight to the networked printer via the TP Link TL-SG 105.

Ken did on occasion have some issues getting his documents to send to the HP when it was sitting in my office, but we managed to work that out.

4. Printing Reliability

Lastly, the HP proved to be reliable, but we did have a few issues with colour stripes running across the top of the page which we sorted out with much faff and fiddle but delving into the settings on the fancy touch screen. One thing to watch for if you decide to choose this printer, the lid is designed to be on a spring to allow you to copy fatter documents or books or binders and as such it can cause the printer lid to jump out of alignment, which is what happened to us on a few occasions.

Where To Buy The HP Printer

The HP Printer ranges from £385 to £563
Buy Link:

Our View On These Printers

If you do a lot of mono printing the KYOCERA really shines here, but we did find some redeeming features in the HP Inkjet. Its fancy touch screen was very useful and easy to use and made some things like setting up or trouble shooting much easier than flipping pages of a manual as we'd have to do for the KYOCERA.

If we would combine the touchscreen with the other features of the KYOCERA, yet keep the laser cartridge prices lower than they currently are, we think this 'new printer we've imagined' will sell faster than hot cakes.

So, there you have it. Have you compared a laser printer and an inkjet printer? If so, do tell us below what you thought of the two ...

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