Important: Why You Should Be Doing Content Marketing

As an author of Amazon’s digital marketing bestseller, Pimp My Site, I am often asked to talk to groups of people starting up their own business. A popular topic as a speaker is about how to become Google’s No1.

One way to do this is with Content Marketing.

Most people look at me with blank stares when I say this. Others have that ‘whhaaa!’ expression fixed on their faces.

It sounds far more  fancy that it really is.

Content Marketing is simply getting as much original content out into the web on many different and onto relevant places or networks and communities sites (such as iHubbub with your profile) to improve your Google ranking. Content Marketing is simply getting as much original content out into the web to improve your Google ranking.

There will be lots of SEO items in your Digital Marketing Mix such as building a a keyword strategy, using long tail keywords, on page optimisation and off page optimisation. Today, we’re chatting about Content Marketing as one of the items you can easily do to improve your Google Ranking.

Firstly, What's SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to improve your ranking in search engine results. You can do this in several ways, but for the purpose of our chat here and now, it will be to get optimised content across the web.

Doing this will give you a ‘High Profile’ or even an Expert Profile and help you to outrank your competitors by optimising your profile, your business or any products and services that you sell.

Content Marketing will:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Get content displayed in a variety of sources
  • Help your Social Media
  • Boost your PR
  • Show you off to other communities
  • Build relevant partners

So if you’re doing this fancy content marketing thing, how is that going to get you up Google’s ladder?

How Google Finds Your Profile

Google understands data and information. The Google robots and crawlers analyses data (which is your content marketing) and turns that data (again - your content marketing) into information. A vast storage of hundreds and thousands of tiny bits of threads about you and your business interests.

And Google now starts to get a bigger picture about you and what you do.

Whether that is about your home business products or your freelancing services, Google builds this information (that you have spread across its web) into a knowledge-based search.


You NEED to become a provider of content!

Now … because you have spread around your content marketing … Google is able to understand more about you and what you do and why you’re the best result it can deliver when someone searches for particular keywords.

WARNING: Be aware that you should not simply duplicate content from site to site. Be different; be creative and imaginative when you sprinkle around your fairy dust. Otherwise Google will penalise you for simply hitting the copy and paste button.

Different Types Of Content

When you get into Content Marketing there are many different types of content you could be thinking of spreading around.

Content includes text, articles, data, member or user profiles, reviews, feeds, jobs, news, products, merchandise tables, visual and creative graphics, images and animations as well as audio and videos, eBooks, news, reviews and directory listings.

SMO = stands for Social Media Optimisation. This is when you put out content marketing in the form of ... Blogs, Forums, Facebook  Twitter, LinkedIn iHubbub

RMO = stands for Relationship Management Optimisation which includes Publicity Press Releases and all positive news stories .

If you have any SEO questions, do ask away in our SEO Forum.

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