How To Stay Focused When Working From Home

Working from home can be a great way to run your own business, but do you get the feeling that people often have the misconception that you’re not really that busy?

It's as if they think you don’t actually have a ‘job’ if you work from home as what you're really doing is sitting in your pyjamas watching daytime TV.... 

We know this couldn’t be further from the truth but there will be times when even the most motivated person in the world has unproductive days, and that is ok. 

There’s no point beating yourself up about it, the key is how you respond so that you can quickly get focused again.

how t o focus when working at home

Guest Writer Emma Walker tells us more about what you can do to help keep yourself motivated:

1. Set Clear Boundaries

You need to set boundaries for your family, friends and clients if you want to stay focused.  It might feel strange at first but it is essential to make it clear what is acceptable and unacceptable so that everyone understands when and how you work.

To set your boundaries you need to think about the following:

Will clients visit you at home?

If they will then you will need to take out public liability insurance. You also need to consider if you want people knowing where you live and if working from home is covered on your home insurance.

What will you do if family and friends call you in the day?

Family and friends can be a big timewaster for you. Like the people we mentioned at the beginning of this article, it's easy for them to think that by working at home you are now available for a chat or a coffee whenever they feel like it.

You need to make it clear that even though you might be at home, you are actually working and have to keep your work hours free for just that.

What hours will you work?

Decide what your business hours are and make sure that you inform all prospective clients and your family what they are. You must be firm if a client tries to push this boundary requesting work after you’ve finished work for the day.

By establishing your boundaries now, it can become part of your business systems, as well as informing and training your family and clients about how you operate.

You must remember that you are the boss of your own business and you can say NO if you need to!

2. Remember Your ‘Why’

Whenever you feel yourself losing focus, one of the easiest and quickest things you can do to get back on track is to remember why you are running your own business in the first place.

What is your ultimate goal, what do you want to achieve with your business, what was the reason you started the business in the first place?

For me, it was to escape a bully boss but that changed once I had my first child.  My ‘why’ now is to have a successful business that fits around my girls schedule and I have photos of them in my office to focus on if I’m having a bad day.

3. Get The Work / Life Balance Right

Running your own business can soon be all consuming if you let it and when you add in working from home, it can soon feel like you are working 24/7 and harder than you’ve ever worked before.

There are two very simple things you can do to avoid this happening to you:

4. Have A Separate Office Or Work Space

It is essential that you have a dedicated area in your home that is for your work only, no sharing allowed.  It might be a spare bedroom, a corner in your lounge or bedroom. 

Wherever it is, the key is to be able to shut the door when you’ve finished working so that you aren’t tempted to quickly check your emails or finish that writing.

5. Take Time Out To Recharge

This might sound like a luxury but it is very important to take time out for you to recharge your battery.  If you are constantly working, you will soon burnout and that isn’t good for your or your clients.  It doesn’t have to mean taking days out from your business, it could simply be going to the cinema in the day, going to the park after picking the kids up from school, having your nails done or having a bubble bath in the day.

You’ll find that you come back more energised and motivated which will benefit both yourself and your business.

These are simple strategies you can use to stay motivated and focused when working from home so take the time to implement them in your business.

About The Author

Emma Walker is the founder of The Mumpreneur’s Mentor ( and a busy mum of two little divas.  As a 'mums in business' coach, she works with mums who want to start and market their own successful family friendly business, as well as with mums already in business who want to take their business to the next level without sacrificing time with their family.

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