How To Start Pitching Media

Many new start up business entrepreneurs tremble at the thought of getting in front of the camera and talking the media or journalists about their new business idea. Not because they are not passionate and brimming with energy on their chosen subject - they are! But because very often the media frightens them off.

Yes, that is true. And journalists and editors are people like you and me. But they do need to know the right information that will interest their readers. So how can you - as a new business starting out with buckets of keen-ness impress the media?

As a PR Pimp and Author of Pimp My Site, Paula Wynne shares some tips with iHubbub home business start-ups about how to prepare a PR pitch and below she sets out some guidelines to use before you start making calls to pitch your home business product or freelance service to the media.

How to pitch your PR press release about your start up business idea to the media


Don’t tout a unique story. Your story may be way up there to you because you live and east and sleep your new business start up, but journalists hear the same kind of stories day in and day out. Beware of making yours sound like they must jump and run because it could have the opposite effect.


Tip #1

Who is the pitch about?
* Human touch
* Story angles
* What is unique or special about the pitch?


Tip #2

What are you pitching?
* Reasons for the pitch
* What is the pitch about?


Tip #3

Why are you pitching?
* Unusual info
* Why should they care?


Tip #4

Where is this going to happen?
* Special event
* Odd story
* Locations
* Tied into a happening?


Tip #5

When are you planning your PR event?
* Why now?
* Timings
* Deadlines

Tip #6

What media to pitch to get the best news coverage
* Which media?
* What target audience do you want to reach?
* Specific media contacts
* National, local or regional
* Specialist media

Take a look at how to write a press release and you may find other useful information from my books in iHubbub's PR Resources.

You can also download my eBooks to find out how to get free publicity and learn how to become Google's No 1.

Good luck Pimping Your Home Business!

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