How To Know If You Need A Mentor

How long ago did you start up you home based business? Whether just the other day or yonks ago, you may be looking for some help and advice from successful business owners who have run the business start up gauntlet and know all the ins-and-outs of business success.

You'll want to latch onto one of these wise business mentors like a leech and pick their successful business brain at every opportunity. First, you need to know how to find a mentor.

Paula Wynne, author of 'Create A Successful Website' and Pimp My Site, explains the importance of having a business start-up mentor and gives us a little insight into what her mentor, Karen Darby, did for her and her own business start-up.  By the way - during the time of being mentored, Paula won a few online entrepreneur awards! tells us that a mentor is a wise and trusted teacher or an influential sponsor and supporter. Do yourself the biggest favour and find one of these wise owls by asking someone you respect. Or make contact with industry experts through people you meet or know.

So, how to find a mentor? Start Up Business networking events is a perfect way to meet possible mentors.

Start Up Business networking events - how to find a mentor.

Imagine winning a mentor who is one of the most successful woman entrepreneurs in the UK! I did! Let me tell you, I still pinch myself. I was awarded Karen Darby as my mentor in the FreshIdeas Events Award.

We’ve had the greatest fun, from her flipping pancakes - and serving them with ice cream at our meetings - to fishing frogs out of her pond for an exhibition!

Aside from the good laughs, Karen has given me bucket loads of inspiration and her confidence in my business concept has been a huge boost.

Every time I see her (even if it’s only for a pub lunch or coffee) I walk away buzzing with excitement and creative thoughts whirring in every direction.

Working with a mentor may initiate imaginative thinking, create new ideas for long term strategies and help you to evolve your business or website over time. Karen has done all this for me and more.

Why A Mentor?

Do I need a mentor, you ask? A mentor may offer a long term commitment and a vested interest in you and your business’s future. The mentor could be where you aspire to be and they may even come gift wrapped with the influence and contacts you need.

A Good Mentor

If you are wondering why you need to know how to find a mentor, here are mentor attributes:

  • Willingness to share their experience
  • Constructive feedback or criticism
  • Share their brain power
  • Your ideal role model
  • Similar backgrounds
  • Good sense of humour
  • Listening skills
  • Ability to discuss wide range of issues
  • Aspiration to bring about change
  • Positive upbeat attitude
  • Open to learning from you

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