How To Find Media Contacts

When you've read our PR Resources section which deals with how to write a press release and where to submit it, you have to get stuck into finding media contacts.

Another ideal way to get wider coverage and easy distribution is to use a PR planning service, which gives you round the clock access to media databases and on-going distribution rather than a one-off.

When you've read our PR Resources section which deals with how to write a press release and where to submit it, you have to get stuck into finding media contacts.

These software resources listed below provide easy systems to get in touch with journalists.

Apart from the news wires, you can also send press releases out through this type of service and access the provider’s database of media contacts. They all offer different subscription packages with a variety of PR tools and is largely dependent on your needs and most of them offer a free trial.

FeaturesExec Media Database

FeaturesExec is an ‘up-to-the-minute’ online database of media in the UK and other major European markets. FeaturesExec helps PR professionals and small business owners to become media experts by providing constantly updated editorial contacts and ‘forward features’ information on thousands of media outlets.

The main benefit is to search for media contacts in any sector and choose any media type, from blogs to specialist publications. You can use these contacts to target regional outlets for geographic PR campaigns and be one step ahead with forward feature opportunities.


Magatopia is a free online service featuring a wide range of magazines in the US. Browse at to find any relevant magazines for your PR campaigns."> to find any relevant magazines for your PR campaigns.

Media Finder

Media Finder seems to be the largest online database of US and Canadian magazines, catalogs, newspapers, newsletters and journals, and operates a subscription based service or a digital download option.

Build media relations gradually and sensibly. Make them relationships, not just contacts in your Blackberry.

Their comprehensive database gives two ways to find the right media for your campaign:

1. Keyword Service: Enter a keyword or select a category and hit submit. Double click on the first title on the results page to view the types of data returned, which shows more than 30 fields of data.

2. Targeted Lists: Select one or more items from each field you need to define your search. Be sure to check out the many tabs on offer such as staff, circulation and print spec. You will then get a count of the results to obtain the number of titles you desire. After submitting payment you can download the results in standard formats and open them in a spreadsheet.

Fields include publication title either in company name if you are looking for a specific publication or company type if you want a general overview of what is available.

Publication details feature category, frequency, publication type, target audience and media type. All extremely useful for a targeted campaign. The address search comes in a city or country drop down if you are aiming a particular US or Canadian location. The last field you can use to search for media is called ‘Must-have’ and shows items such as email, phone or web link.


CisionPoint PR software weaves together the essential PR tools in four easy steps.

Firstly, you plan your campaign and create distribution lists by searching a huge media database finding thousands of outlets and contacts - including blogs and bloggers - around the world.

Secondly, you connect to these journalists and editors by sending releases either through a personalised email within CisionPoint – you can also send a test to yourself for one final typo check – or you can use the inbuilt web and wire service.

Thirdly, you monitor the press clippings and online coverage in order to finally analyse the results with tracking reports for multiple campaigns to see what’s working and where. Check out this great PR tool at

News Wires

A news wire is an online service that sends your press release to newsrooms, websites, radio and TV stations and other media outlets in a chosen country or worldwide.

It's the quickest way to get in front of a large media audience. By using a news wire or news distribution service, your story can get picked up in local and regional papers as well as the national press and you may even get featured on talk shows.

News wires are extremely effective for global publicity as the internet has been active in helping news to quickly travel greater distances. Google ‘news release distribution’ or ‘news wire’ or ‘press release wire’ to find stacks of sites offering this service.

There is a multitude of online press release submission sites. It may be a tedious task, but multiple submissions will lead to lots of back links if your release is properly optimised.

Google News

Another way to get your release noticed by the media is to always lots of fresh news to get indexed on Google.

Find out how to target which is the right media contacts for your PR campaigns. Also, take some time to browse through our PR and Publicity How To articles and find more help for your PR and media list building ...

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