How To Create A Media List

Every business start-up needs a full throttle PR Strategy. So when you're preparing your PR campaign, and having already written your press release, you can either send it via a press release submission service, place it for free on iHubbub's member news or build your own media list to use as a PR distribution list.

Let's find out how to build your own so you won't incur any costs ...

How to create a media list for starting your own home business

1. Decide Your Angle

Once you have decided on your PR angle, it is time to target the media groups. There are stacks of different media groups that can be beneficial to your PR communication strategy.

For example, if you are writing about a new baby product, you will build a media list of baby publications, pregnancy outlets and mums and babies journalists who may want to hear from you.

2. Get Contacts

Grab your local phone book with a steaming cuppa or jump onto the net to get all the contact information for your chosen media list. You'll need to list the editor or journalist for your story angle with their email address, phone number and maybe their mailing address.

I say maybe because most, almost certainly ALL editors now prefer to receive press releases via email and not through the old snail mail trail. Do check though, as there may be some specific sector journos who are still a bit antiquated!

3. Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

If your local phone book doesn't spit out enough for a nice fat list, you can also use the local library and chamber of commerce.

Your list will be building gradually and organically so let it keep growing at a steady pace with lots of new additions each week - no need to get it all done in a mad panic rush.

4. Press Release Submission

If you have time you may want to ask each media contact if he or she prefers to receive press releases by email. Don't mention mail as that costs money and slows down your PR energy! But if they want it that way, you'll have to pleasantly do as they wish.

5. Growing Media List

Now that you have a long list growing fast, remember to also update your media list about every 6 months. When emailing out the press release, watch what comes bouncing back into your inbox and when someone new has replaced someone old or they have left, zip over to your list and do the necessary.

Find out how to target which is the right media contacts for your PR campaigns. Also, take some time to browse through our How To articles and find more help for your PR and media list building ...

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