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One of the hardest things to do when you work from home is find the time to exercise, in order to stay fit and healthy. There’s always something more pressing. Either you’re actually working on your start-up business, or you’re doing the jobs you don’t get paid for ... washing, cleaning, shopping, cooking and generally running the home. 

We asked Clinical Hypnotherapist Claire Benson to motivate us!

'Ok, I’m going to use this space to encourage you, cajole you, tempt you and basically get you moving! 

Now, I’m not an expert in exercise, but I am an expert in motivation - being a hypnotherapist and coach I work with people everyday to help them discover their own inner motivations to achieve their goals.

My speciality is weight reduction, to which exercise is inextricably linked, of course. I have just published a book Weightogogo and I'm also the creator of Hypnogogo, a series of downloads to use when you’re running that help you focus on and achieve an outcome that’s over and above your running goal - such as weight loss, confidence, success or abundance. 

How to keep fit while running your own home based business

The other qualification I have to write this is that I too work from home. I totally understand how work and life get in the way of good intentions. I’m a mother of two young children and feel as though I always have too many balls in the air. It’s very easy for me in general and exercise in particular to become a low priority compared to everything and everyone else.

But, I also know that exercise makes me feel fantastic, it’s probably the best problem solving tool there is and if that’s not enough it’s good for me too and will help stop me getting sick or having a heart attack. And if you don’t believe me watch this video.

So where do I start? What can I do to help get you moving? Well, here are my top five motivation tools ...

1. Want To Do It

That’s right, you have to want to get moving, otherwise you’ll find any excuse not to. Believe me, as a therapist I’ve heard every excuse going for people not exercising including “I don’t want to mess up my hair” and “I don’t want to get sweaty”.

So put the excuses to one side for a moment and write a list of all the reasons that you have for wanting to get your body moving.   Write at the top of your list 'I want to exercise because I want to feel fantastic’, ‘I want to take care of my body’ and ‘I want to work better and more effectively’.

Now add at least ten more reasons to the list. Keep your list somewhere that you can see it regularly, perhaps pin it to the fridge so you see it every time you take a break from your home business to make a cuppa. If you think of any more reasons later, add them to the list.

2. Find The Right Time

If you leave your exercise to chance you’ll never do it. You have to plan the time the way you would a business meeting because it’s as important.

So think about when is the best time for you to take your exercise and put it in your diary. You may have to experiment a bit until you find what time of day works best for you and of course you’ll need to be flexible; but if you move an exercise slot make sure you rearrange it to another time on the same day not cancel it.  

Personally I like to exercise in the morning, so I go for a run after I’ve taken the children to school. I like the way this transitions me from home-mode to freelance work-mode too, a bit like commuting used to. Getting out for a walk or run at lunchtime is another great way to exercise as it allows you to clear your head from the morning’s business planning, and freshen up your thinking before the afternoon. And because you work from home you have ready access to a shower, unlike many offices, which makes everything easier. 

3. Make It Easy 

Make sure your kit is clean and ready to put on at the time you’ve chosen; if you have to hunt around for your running shoes or your sports bra this adds time and effort to the process and allows excuses to settle. So the day before your exercise is planned, run through your check list of what you need: trainers, socks, bra, vest, fleece, leggings, iPod, headphones, water bottle, whatever else you need and gather them together in one visible and accessible place. 

4. Take It One Day At A Time

When you start a new exercise programme it can feel extremely daunting so it’s best to ‘chunk down’ and take just one day at a time. It’s so much easier and more achievable to think about doing a half hour run than it is to think about running for half an hour every day. So take one day at a time and fully commit to it .

Then when you’ve done it you'll feel amazing and can fully commit to the next day. 

5. Find Something You Love

I’ve used the example of running here because that’s what I love, but that doesn’t mean you will. And it doesn’t matter either because there are so many different types of exercise you can try. Experiment until you find something you really enjoy.

You might want to think about what you liked doing as a child and have a go at that (dig those old skipping ropes out!). Or perhaps you’ve heard of something like zumba that you’d like to try. Well, you have my permission to give it go. You’ll never know if you like it or not until you do it.

Promise me this though, until you find something you love doing, at very least take a half hour walk every day - that leaves 23 and a half hours for running your home business, looking after the kids, shopping, cooking, watching TV, talking to your mum, watching the football and everything else that makes for a full and happy life (and don't forget to sleep!).'

About The Author

Claire Benson is a Clinical Hypnotherapist working in London. She specialises in hypnotherapy for women's issues: weight reduction, fertility and confidence. Claire is the author of 'Weightogogo: 66 days to make healthy eating a habit so you lose weight now and stay slim forever', and the creater of Hypnogogo: a series of downloads to use when you are running.

Claire is passionate about exercise and believes that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. She is currently training for the Richmond Park marathon. You can visit Claire's website at www.unstuck-thinking.co.uk

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