Home Working Energy Boosts

Working from home has many advantages. It can help you save time and money otherwise spent on transportation, you're less exposed to environmental hazards, and you can focus on your home business better.

However, because you're staying in one place, it can be difficult to stay fit and healthy. It can be a challenge to stay motivated and have enough energy to last throughout the day.

Working from home has many advantages. It can help you save time and money otherwise spent on transportation, you're less exposed to environmental hazards, and you can focus on your home business better.

Simon Bukai does not want this (above) happening to you so he has shown iHubbub some awesome ways to boost your home working energy!

Get Moving

Regular exercise has tons of health benefits and is absolutely essential to keep your energy up throughout the day. When I first started working from home, I would get sluggish mid-afternoon. I knew back then that I needed to add a fitness routine into my day but I was so busy working on my start-up business plans that I didn't know where to start. 

Start by picking the right time of the day (mornings or afternoons, it doesn't matter) and just stick with it. It can be daunting at first but you really don't have to do too much right away. I took the principles of warming up and applied it at the macro level. On the first couple of weeks, I just walked around the block for 20 minutes. The change of scenery is also perfect for a bit of creative freelancer thinking!

Gradually increasing your exercise intensity helps your body adapt to the changes. You'll get used to moving around, you wouldn't need to push yourself every time. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.

If you can't squeeze an entire exercise into one session, breaking it into three ten-minute sessions may just be as effective. 

Stay Hydrated

Our bodies are made up of approximately 65 percent water. When working at home we need to stay hydrated with healthy drinks to maintain body functions and stay alert. You'll feel tired and drained when you're dehydrated so don't wait until you're thirsty before you drink some water. As an added bonus, drinking water regularly forces you to get up and move around, helping increase your energy.

Choose Healthy Snacks

Home working gives you handy access to the kitchen, which means you'll easily get tempted with unhealthy snacks especially if you have sweet and salty treats lying around. Although these foods can give you a temporary energy boost, you'll end up feeling sluggish afterwards as your energy stores go down. 

Don't go overboard; prepare healthy snacks with 100 to 200 calories. Opt for high-protein, fiber-rich snacks that have the right kinds of fats. These foods release energy steadily, helping you keep up with your home business tasks all day long. Cereals, yogurt, nuts, fruits, and even vegetables make excellent snacks. 

Stay Mobile

Working from home doesn't mean you have to stay in one place the whole time. Getting tied to your desk can easily get you bored and drain your energy. Telecommuting allows you to work from anywhere as long as you have your tools with you. 

Take a walk around your neighbourhood or park. The change of scenery promotes creative thinking and keeps you inspired especially if you're stuck in a problem. 

Stand Up

Prolonged sitting is considered a health risk. It can cause major health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. Using standing desks is getting more popular, especially among those who work from home. Standing up improves concentration, motor skills, blood circulation, respiration, and the immune system. It decreases fatigue and depression to help you last longer. 

Protect Yourself

Staring at the screen and working with computers is a major cause of repetitive stress injuries. The long hours can cause eyestrain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and chronic back pain. 

If you don't have a standing desk, make sure you have an ergonomic chair in your home office and stand up every hour or so. Always sit with the correct posture to protect your back. You can also purchase wrist supports and anti-glare screens. 

Practice the 20-20-20 rule to prevent eyestrain. This simple method means that for every 20 minutes you spend staring at the screen, you should spend 20 seconds staring at objects 20 feet away. 

Above all ... make sure you stick to healthy home working!

This article was contributed by Simon Bukai, owner and operator of VISTA Health Solutions


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