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So you’ve just set up your new home office and you’re ready to roll up those sleeves and get stuck into your new start up home business. Yay!

Wait. Before you do, have you thought of the one thing that many budding entrepreneurs forget about? Windowsill plants.

You may (or may not) need them to keep you company on your entrepreneurial journey ahead, but even so they will give you plenty of other benefits.

Before you set up your home business, have you thought of the one thing that many budding entreprenueurs forget about - windowsill plants.

SixWise.com say that house plants do more than just brighten up a room with color and living energy.

Along with being pleasing to the eye, they bring real health benefits to your body. The good news is that a classic NASA study found that common house plants could improve air quality.

In fact, they reported that houseplants on home office windowsills were able to remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours. The recommendation? Use 15 to 18 "good-sized" house plants in 6- to 8-inch diameter containers for an 1,800 square-foot house.

Masters In Healthcare state the obvious - plants are great for producing oxygen and contributing to a zen feeling in any environment. But they also go on to say that plants can reduce stress, fight colds, remove contaminants, and even stop headaches.

We were particularly interested in these points they raise but do take a look at the other points – all 15 of them!Before you set up your home business, have you thought of the one thing that many budding entreprenueurs forget about - windowsill plants.

Plants can improve your mental health

Caring for a living thing can help when you’re depressed and lonely, giving you a purpose in life. We know many home business owners who happily chat to their windowsill ‘fella’ sharing their challenges and successes.

Don’t be ashamed, you’re not alone in this!

This Mother Fern, one of the best at purifying the air, is a very popular home office plant because it is easy to care for, thrives in indirect light and with little moisture, and is very attractiv

Plants can decrease your blood pressure

People with plants in their homes have less stress, and plants have been known to contribute to lower blood pressure. Stress management is next on our list so anything to fight stress for a start up entrepreneur gets top planty-points.

Plants can make your brain work better

Try a mini olive tree plants for a light window in your home office

Potted plants and flowers can improve your idea generation, mood, and more. When you're in the start-up phase, indeed any stage of a growing or established business, brainstorming your marketing plans or business plans is best done after a good night's sleep with renewed energy and lots of fresh air.

Better brain power, more success in your home business start up, yes?

Plants can clear congestion

Eucalyptus in particular can help clear phlegm and congestion from your system. In fact, eucalyptus is often found in congestion remedies. Okay, add this one to our shopping basket.

Plants can improve your sleep

Gerbera daisies give off oxygen at night. Filling a vase in your bedroom with these flowers can improve your night’s rest. Boy, oh, boy, am I gonna dart off to the garden centre and get a pot of daisies.


Talking to a windowsill fella is enough to make anyone think I am potty, but the thought of sleeping deeply beside a bunch of daisies ...


Sunny home office windowsills can be great for growing an orange or lemon
If you have any friends setting up their own freelance consultancy or even if they’re only just writing up their home business plan, give them a boost with this lovely home-business-warming present.

March into their home office and place it on the window ledge for a touch of lovely orangery-greenery.

Many people tend to find it soothing and relaxing and touching leaves can create a sense of calm for some people.


The Chelsea Gardener's Windowsill Plants

Leila Santos runs the Indoor Plants and Pots department at The Chelsea Gardener and she has suggested the following ...

When choosing an indoor plant it’s important to think about the position and to pick varieties to suit the site ... that is your plant's site (as in position) not your website.


Leila advises home business entrepreneurs on how to look after their home office pot plantsLeila Santos from The Chelsea Gardener

Leila has the Horticulture bug. As a qualified florist who studied Horticulture and Garden Design at Capel Manor College, Regent’s Park, Leila says that houseplants are a passion for her in the UK because they remind her of home [Lisbon] where they grow freely outside.

Plants can get scorched in the summer sun - it may be necessary to provide some shade against midday sun.

Plants can suffer with the draft and low temperatures during winter - it may be necessary to move the pots further into the room.
Leila's list of plants:

  • For a very sunny window: Cacti, succulents, chlorphytum, bourgainvillaea, citrus.
  • Plants for a window that receives early or late sun: Aechmea, aglaonema, anthurium, begonia, gardenia, impatiens, tradescantia, nertera, poinsettia,
  • croton, cordyline .
  • Plants for a light window out of direct sunlight: Aglaonema, anthurium, calathea, chlorophytum, clivia, dracena, ferns, orchids, hydrangea, saintpaulia, sansevieria, selagineall, spathiphyllum, monstera, peperomia, bromeliads, philodendron, pilea, schefflera, azalea, scindapsus.
  • In addition, Spathiphyllums and Chlorophytums are good to clean the air so make ideal plants for the home office. They clean indoor air of many environmental contaminants including benzene, formaldehyde and other pollutants.

If you are really into the whole planty-fella thing [like us] you could even start to propagate new seedlings while you’re working at home.

The Fresh Herb Company suggests that if you’re looking to jazz up your home office window sill, consider buying a few pots of herbs – they smell, look and taste great!

Include coriander, oregano and basil to snip off and put straight into your food or healthy snacking salads!




And if you really wanna go the whole hog try an allotment on your sill. I know, I know! How weird and wonderful is this?!

You can grow your own herbs with this simple, stylish miniature Indoor Allotment set.

Your home business may start out in a spare room, garage or basement flat. Whichever it is you may find you hanker for a garden or even a small plot of land but only live in a flat, then the windowsill plant box brings the outdoors indoors. Whereever you set up your new start up business you may find you hanker for a garden or even a small plot of land but only live in a flat, then the windowsill plant box brings the outdoors indoors

It is actually a cute little wooden shed complete with a white picket fence - all handmade and painted - surrounding three miniature plant pots with drainage trays for growing your herbs.

The roof of the shed opens and the door swings open to reveal herb snips, soil pellets and seeds of Coriander, Basil and Oregano.

When last we travelled to Ireland for a business meeting I spotted a lovely little bicycle plant holder and I keep it on the kitchen window ledge with a cheery and delish smelling basil in it.

I must get an image of it to show you - even better, I must add it to my spare room home office windowsill to keep my miniature palm company, they can do business together. OK, now I am going loopy!

Better go before I sound totally bonkers ...



Top 9 Home Office Air Purifying Plants

According to Sixwise, the following plants are most effective in removing potentially harmful chemicals-including those in paints, varnishes, dry cleaning fluids, car exhaust fumes and tobacco smoke-from the air in your home.

  • Dragon tree
  • IvySpiderplants on a light window in your home office will send little spidery plants out to say hello when you start working from home
  • Ficus
  • Philodendrons
  • Spider plants [shown here]
  • Peace lilies
  • Ferns
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Palms

No one mentions Lavender! I know it is a bedding plant but look at the lovely image above.

Lavender is very versatile and can be used as a dinning room plant for when you're entertaining your home business guests. Or if you need that heavenly scent to filter around you all day while working from home - pop one on your sill.

So there you have it - we at iHubbub talk to our home office windowsill plants, just like Prince Charles and we're proud of it!

Do you?

Don't be afraid to fess up and tell us in our comments below ...


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