Home Office Orchid Care

We've talked about the benefits of keeping house plants or fresh herbs on your home office windowsill.

Now we're getting specific. One of the most beautiful plants that can bring elegance and colour to your business start-up workspace is the orchid. 

The dictionary describes the orchid as ... numerous plants of the orchid family usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colours.

Keep orchids on your home office windowsill when you start working from home

As an avid home working plant lover, I have stacks of plants on all our home office windowsills and they are easy to look after.

But for the first time ever I was recently given an orchid for my birthday and low and behold Mrs Greenfingers-herself had no clue how to look after it and it got very sad and droopy.

Before it lost all its lovely leaves, pretty much the same gorgeous colour as the image above, I quickly roped in some help!

Dah, dah, dah. Diogo to the rescue!

So we asked Diogo Correia, Head of Landscaping at The Chelsea Gardener to give us some tips for keeping orchids at their best.

  • Don’t use a south facing window – Orchids should not be placed in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid open windows or cold draughts during autumn and winter.  However, orchids like air circulation during spring and summer as it helps avoids diseases.  
  • Water once a week during spring and summer.  Water twice a month during autumn and winter.
  •  Feed twice a month in spring and summer
  • Use a cache pot around the plant pot.  You need to make sure there is no water left at the base or the roots will rot
  •   If the roots look grey the plant needs watering.  If the roots look a lime green colour then the plant is fine
  •  Use a mister once or twice a week
  •  And if you want to take it really seriously, let tap water rest before giving it to the plant as this allows for the chlorine to evaporate.  I often leave tap water for a week before using it to water my orchids.


Diogo gives home office workers advice on caring for orchidsDiogo Correia from The Chelsea Gardener

This year Diogo designed a commercial garden for Hampton Conservatories at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Diogo is also an avid Orchid grower and member of the Orchid Society of Great Britain, including helping to build exhibits for RHS Chelsea Flower Show and RHS London Orchid Show.


When you’ve set up your new home office and you’re ready to roll up those sleeves and get stuck into your new start up home business, take a look at our home working plant guide!




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