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Look down at your feet whilst you're sitting in your home office - what state is your floor in? Battered and bruised? Is it an old carpet that has seen better days?

Flooring may be the last ... err bottom ... thing on under your feet but for a productive home office all home business start up entrepreneurs will need to look down at some point.

If you look down and don't like what you see then have a read of Nicole Ellington's guide to home office flooring - there are many different options you can use to change how your Home Office looks, and as we know - a clean and tidy home office leads to a clean and tidy (and productive) home business mind! 

Flooring may be the last thing thing on under your feet but for a productive home office all home business start up entrepreneurs will need to look down at some point.


Carpets are popular for home office floors for various reasons. For one, they are easy to install, and they absorb considerable heat too. If you want to project a rich and luxurious mood in your office, you need to use a luxury carpet. The color of the carpet will also play a great role in determining how you feel in your home office.

If you want to work in a serene and calm environment, you could use green, blue, or purple in their appropriate shades. These cool colors will help you relax and boost your creativity. If you are easily distracted, you should avoid yellow, red or orange colors, which are too distracting.


Tiles are both aesthetic and cost effective. If you want to add a touch of class to your new business home office, this is what you should use. Just ensure you get a professional to handle the installation if you want your tiles to last. Tiles are also great if you don't have to move across the floor frequently. This is because office tools or furniture that need to be moved will make a lot of noise in the office.

If you want to work in a clean and sterile office, tiles will suit you just fine. Moreover, they are available in different designs, so your aesthetic taste is definitely catered for. A clean and clutter-free tiled home office will boost your confidence and most importantly your new business start-up's productivity. After all that is why you started up your business - to get productive and make some money!


Hardwood flooring is a favorite of many people, and rightly so. If you want your home business to be warm and welcoming, this is the kind of flooring you should use. It is especially useful for home based businesses that receive regular visitors or clients, because of its classy, warm nature.

In addition, hardwood has excellent acoustics, meaning you will be able to work in a quiet and serene environment. This is particularly useful in a home office, which can easily be invaded by sounds from other rooms - when you're on the phone to a client you don't want them knowing you are in your spare room at home. Hardwood will help you remain absorbed in your work, and it is fairly long lasting too.


If you are used to working in rich environments, and you want to project the same positive up-beat mood in your home office without using a lot of money, use laminate flooring. They are easy to clean and maintain, and are also available in different styles and colors. They tend to sound hollow, so you should not use them if your home office is located on the second floor.

Laminate is particularly suitable if you have a small home office and wish to feel classy, but you don't have the budget to purchase wood or bamboo. It is also suitable for use in large offices that have frequent visitors, since it is fairly sturdy.

As you can see, you don't have to drag in your bedroom rug and use it for your home office flooring. You can create different moods in your office using different flooring options. Think about the kind of office you want to work in and choose the flooring that suits it best.

Nicole Ellington is a Home Office design consultant. She enjoys sharing her stories on various design blogs. Visit BuildDirect to find more about office flooring options.

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