Healthy Computer Habits

Computers have become a part of modern life. Try as you may, it is difficult to eliminate them from your life, and virtually impossible if you are a home worker or starting your own business!

The eyesight problems caused by constant laptop use have been well-documented. In addition, home business owners can also develop poor posture as a result of their laptop usage (she says slumping over her laptop).

This can result in chronic back and neck pain, as well as problems such as eye strain. If you have to use your laptop frequently make sure you are sitting on the correct kind of office chair, and educate yourself about body posture and eye care with these tips from Angelina Jennifer. 

Wait ... before Jennifer gives you her tips, is this image clear or fuzzy?

Computers have become a part of modern life. Try as you may, it is difficult to eliminate them from your life, and virtually impossible if you are a home worker or starting your own business!

Do your eyes need a check up?

 1.     Sit On A Chair With Back Support

It is a common sight to see home workers using their laptop on the bed or even on the floor. Yet healthy laptop use can only be provided by a chair with an ergonomic back support. Place the laptop on the table and sit on a chair. If you really do want to sit in bed, keep your back straight!

2.     Blink Frequently

There is no doubt that when you're researching home business projects or writing start-up business plans you can lose track of time. Hence, most home workers end up staring for too long at the screen without blinking when using their laptop. Blinking provides split-second gaps which your eyes need to refresh.

3.     Place Laptop Below Eye Level

Here are two tips for the price of one! Placing your laptop below eye level ensures your eyes don’t strain when you are looking at the screen. At the same time, the pressure on your neck is relieved when you don’t have to crane it.

4.     Take Short Breaks

You can kill two birds with one stone by taking short breaks in between using your laptop. Your eyes get some much needed rest while you can also rejuvinate your neck and back by getting up and moving around. This will keep you free from aches and pains.

5.     Buy A Lightweight Laptop

Since freelancers and business start up entrepreneurs are likely to need to travel with their laptop, it doesn’t make sense to buy one with all the bells and whistles which have become available these days. The accessories add to the overall weight when carrying the laptop which causes back problems. Buy a strap that allows you to carry the laptop across your body, not a shoulder strap which will put unnecessary strain on one side of your spine.

6.     Keep Yourself Hydrated

Perhaps the most crucial tip home workers and on the go freelancers should pay heed to is hydration. Again, losing yourself in your freelancing projects means that you don't always pay attention to how much fluid you are taking in. Dehydration will cause your body to cramp and ache in addition to affecting your eyes. Keep a water bottle on hand when you're working, and drink from it frequently.

7.     Use An External Mouse

One accessory which will help improve your body posture is an external mouse. If your laptop has a built in mouse then more often than not you sit too close to the laptop because otherwise you can’t reach it. An external mouse allows you to sit further back, and sit straighter.

8.     Stretch And Exercise

Sitting in one position for a long time can cause cramping and stiffness. Stretching the affected muscles and tendons reduces the tension as well as improving blood flow. There are lots of small but effective exercises you can do (shrugging your shoulders, circling your home working feet and ankles, twisting at the waist) whilst seated at your home office desk!

9.     Use Helpful Lighting

The laptop screen should be well lit. Home workers using regular home office lighting may have to strain their eyes if shadows from the lights in the room are ‘falling’ on the laptop. There is less pressure on the eyes when the laptop screen is free from shadows. Make sure your keyboard is also well lit, so your eyes don't have to strain when moving from the bright screen.

10.   Don’t Fight Your Body

Your busy home working body provides signals that it needs to rest. When your eyes, back, neck and hands are tired, there is no use pushing yourself on and on.  

Following these body posture and eye care tips will help to prevent back problems and preserve your precious eyesight.  

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