Gardening Home Based Franchises

Do you adore the outdoors? Are you passionate about plants? 

Then what about considering a gardening services home based franchise? This is also a good one to think about if you don't have a lot of space in your house ... although you'll need a small home office area to do your admin but most of the time you'll be working on your clients' sites or in your potting shed.

There are many different areas of garden services that you can specialise in: lawn care, boundary fencing, landscape gardening, ground maintenance or you could just take on general year-round garden care for people in your local area. 

If you want to work from home with a startup business why not consider a gardening services home based franchise?

Here's some advice to help you choose your gardening home based franchise.


  • Whilst, if you prefer, you can concentrate on finding lots of clients with small gardens for you to look after, there are also great possibilities for finding contracts with larger organisations such as local councils.
  • This can bring in much more money for you, and can also be a good way to build your reputation. 
  • As a franchisee you may be able to get the materials and tools you need to start your business at lower prices through your franchisor. This means you’ll get a quicker return on your investment. 
  • Being able to spend time in the fresh air and sunshine (when we have it!). 



  • There are many aspects of garden work that are dependent on both the season and the weather.
  • Outside manual work can only be completed in daylight hours.


What Skills Do You Need?

You will need experience for all types of gardening work. Before you apply for a gardening franchise you should have gained suitable experience through training or working for a professional gardener.

Having a knowledge of basic business systems will help your organise your work.

Are You Suitable?

If you have an enjoyment of working outside in all weathers, an interest in the natural environment and are prepared to work hard at a very physical job then this could be the right home based franchise for you.

Approximate Level Of Investment  

For most gardening franchises you will be looking at investing between £10,000 and £30,000. This will enable you to purchase the equipment you need, although obviously what that is will depend on the area of garden services you will be specialising in. 

So now that you're convinced that garden services is the right path for you, it's time to consider starting up a franchise!

And if you're already dead keen to buy your own home based franchise, take a look at our businesses for sale.

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