From Newsreader to Media Coach

Yvonne Radley’s business is getting fitness professionals in the media; from local papers and magazines to national ones as well as spots on the radio and TV. She has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist so she is able to spot a great story and guide her clients to the best medium for pitching their stories and raising their profiles. 

Using her company, Yvonne Radley Media (soon to become Big Me Up Media), Yvonne coaches her client and works towards ensuring that they are the most influential people in their town when it comes to health. 

iHubbub discovered how she went from Newsreader to Boot Camp owner to Media Coach and also found love along the way!


Yvonne Radley’s business is getting fitness professionals in the media; from local papers and magazines to national ones as well as spots on the radio and TV.

How It Began

It’s all happened really recently for Yvonne. She tells us: ‘I launched my boot camp in January 2010 and only started up my media coaching company in September 2012.

After receiving some bad news on Christmas Eve 2009 Yvonne used the opportunity to turn her luck around and set up a new home business.

‘I was made redundant from my job as an editor and Newsreader at Leicester Sound.

At the time I was dating my boyfriend Paul who has been a personal trainer for 20 years. We’d actually met at a boot camp in Leicester. He was the trainer and I was always the one running at the back with five or six layers on and a woolly hat.

Eventually he noticed me and we hadn’t been going out that long when we took the plunge and went into business together. I think it was 10 months. So with enough money to last me 3 months we went for it and have never looked back since.’

Daily Routine 

Yvonne’s daily routine involves bootcamp with two early morning sessions – iHubbub’s usually involves coffee and toast, so we’re already impressed! 

‘I take part and take the register and my boyfriend teaches. When we get home we have breakfast and grab a shower, usually in that order as we are starving after working out. Then we hit the laptops. 

I’m based in Nottinghamshire but my coaching business is totally online. I’m on Skype talking to clients from all over the world, and I network with a lot of fitness professionals via Facebook and Twitter.

Plus my coaching groups meet up in a closed group on Facebook, so my computer is my virtual office really and I go from group to group and page to page talking to my clients and colleagues. 

I even have two business mentors who I communicate with using Skype, Facebook and email. One lives just down the road in Nottingham and we occasionally meet up for a proper catch up, and the other lives in Marbella.’ 

Working From Home 

When you’re a home worker it can be too easy to stay hidden in your home office. Yvonne agrees.  

‘I think it’s important to go to conventions and meet people in the real world and both me and my partner have made some great friends by networking on Facebook and meeting people in the flesh too. 

It’s nice to have that connection with others; otherwise you can feel quite isolated working for hours on end at home. Tuesday and Thursday nights we are back out with bootcamp so it’s great to escape from the office and have some banter and fresh air.’

A Second Career 

So tell us how the media coaching started?  

‘I got into the media coaching by accident really. I’d even re-trained as a fitness coach so I could step in and take a class if ever there was an emergency - I had no intention of going back to journalism as I love working for myself. 

It was while I was at a fit pro convention that I realised a lot of the guys didn’t know how to make media work for them and I knew all the tricks. I love helping people and it made sense to fuse my two passions. 

Now I have the best of both worlds and I absolutely love my job.’

Home Office

‘My home office is my spare bedroom and sometimes the lounge. Unfortunately the only view I have is my neighbours’ rooftops, not very inspiring!’ 

Biggest Challenge

It can be daunting for anybody to start out on their own, even when they’ve spent years daydreaming about doing it. For Yvonne, being made redundant when she wasn’t expecting it made her focus on what she really wanted out of life – being her own boss! 

‘I think the biggest challenge for me has been stepping out of a career I had done for more than 20 years and starting again in a totally new one. 

I had to learn about business very quickly and I read everything I could lay my hands on. I was like a sponge for that first year soaking up information and going on lots of courses.

The fitness element was also an alien world to me. I’d worked out but never taught and I found myself learning a lot of Latin phrases when I had to learn all the muscles and bones for my exam.

I was totally out of my comfort zone but it helped me to grow and understand the business thoroughly.’

And she obviously understands it well - in 2012 their boot camp won an award for 'Most Promising Fitness Entrepreneur'.

Best Part of Her Day 

Yvonne doesn’t just have one, she has two! 

She says: ‘One is when I am working on a particular project and I wake up at 4.30am because I am so excited to get up and get cracking.

The next is when someone sends me a link to a paper or radio interview – I get a real thrill from helping others raise their profile.’


Yvonne is lucky to have somebody who inspires her right alongside. ‘My boyfriend inspires me. It’s great working together and we share a lot of the same dreams. It can be tough being together 24/7 and you can get on top of each other but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Also my business mentors Rachel Holmes and Paul Mort are a massive inspiration. They are both highly experienced in marketing and know the fitness business inside out so they are always full of ideas.’

The Future

Yvonne sounds like she is going to be kept busy over the coming months.

‘On the boot camp side we are expanding internally so putting on more classes at the sites we already have rather than stretching ourselves too far. 

On the media coaching side I am planning 4 live workshops this year.’ 


What would you say to people who are just setting out on their start-up business journey Yvonne?

“Always look back on your year and ask yourself, if there was one thing you would change what would it be? Then go ahead and change it.” 

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